Well, as reported by Meidas Touch Network in this article the Biden campaign has put out a brand new pro-union ad. What makes this one special is the use of well-known GOP types own on camera statements and nailing them to the wall with those statements. Dark Brandon strikes again! As the linked article notes we have the likes of Nikki Haley trashing Biden for being the “most pro-union President”, Tim Scott saying “You strike, you’re fired. Simple concept to me,” and none other than Trump himself telling union workers they were going to hell. (You think maybe that’s why he and aide Jason Miller are pissed Biden’s going to stand a picket line with UAW workers? I wrote yesterday that Trump sure as hell won’t be doing so on Wednesday) I also thought using a segment from Fox’s Neil Cavuto that played like a ringing endorsement was pretty cool.

“The president clearly does prioritize union jobs. And he’s made very clear here that union workers deserve more, that their pay increases have not come close to the success and the money that all of these auto companies have enjoyed.”

Look, President Biden is at heart an old-school person and politician. He is after all up there in years and has about a half-century of DC politics under his belt. Many, including me have criticized his old-school traits, believing he’s been too reluctant to accept the Senate he once served in is no longer the same institution with the same courtesies and customs. Same for the rest of government.  He’s old-school though and through. However, one thing that’s often overlooked about the old-school politicians that have lasted is that while they don’t like to do it they CAN throw a punch. 

President Biden has proven capable of doing so and often enough it gave rise to what we like to call his “Dark Brandon” alter ego. He even has some fun with it, using sunglasses sometimes in a “move” to illustrate he’s gone/going Dark Brandon! GOPers love to “own the libs” and just loved when their “Let’s Go Brandon” (as in F**k Joe Biden) caught on they really thought they had a winner. Then their target flipped the script on them, and Dark Brandon rose up. Worse still for them as I noted President Biden actually relishes breaking into Dark Brandon mode on them. HE is the one doing the “owning.”

The ad/tweet is all video with one one word of explanation. The “Dark Brandon” part:


For now we have to face that we have a pretty rough week ahead. While the President has the upper hand with this UAW strike if it drags out and keeps expanding you never know. I have a sister back in my southern Illinois hometown who has long complained about unions and she’s far from alone. I also lived in WV for over ten years (closer to eleven) and folks back there have mixed feelings, but when GOPer politicians go pointing fingers at unions most of the goobers go along with the conservative mantra of “Unions? Bad!” We also have the looming shutdown and it remains to be seen (since I think a shutdown is likely) how well the WH and Democratic messaging machine will handle these two crises.

But today? Dayum if our President didn’t just stick it to the GOP, hoisting them on their own petards. Since although the Meidas article references the new Biden ad but doesn’t seem to provide an easy way to see it I’ve hopefully learned how to embed a tweet into an article. In case it doesn’t work, here’s another article on the story from Mother Jones. If you scroll down just a bit it’s right there and easy to watch.

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