Mar-a-Lago is quite the place to be tonight. I’m guessing that Donald Trump is half hoping that the Rapture happens on Monday and maybe spirits away a lot of lawyers, judges, jurors, in short righteous people that can and will bring him to justice. It’s a cinch that none of the people at Mar-a-Lago this evening will be missing on Monday (if indeed any of us will be and I’m not betting on it.) Trump has quite the cavalcade of clowns in attendance tonight, tax dodgers, extremists of all stripes, overt racists, scammers who have declared bankruptcy to defraud workers out of their pensions, you name it. You will recognize most, if not all, of them.

And this is going to be a much bigger deal than what Joe Biden did a few weeks ago, the RNC wants you to know.

Now why a man who has $500M in cash in the bank, and just made $6B on the stock market, and lives in a house worth $2.5B would worry about a paltry, puny $25M is a wonder to me. But for some reason Trump finds that figure meaningful. Probably because it’s grounded in reality and not made up like all of the rest of his financial statements.

Here are some of the friends of the working man that Trump is entertaining tonight.

Quite the star studded cast, right? These are the people who will be unduly influencing your government should Mango Messiah get back in office. I hope that Team Biden makes a lot of ads about these people and lets it be known exactly what we’re dealing with here. We’re not looking at the possibility of another Republican term of office. We’ve lived through a number of those, including Trump’s catastrophic four years in office. We’re looking at a change in our government from a constitutional democracy to an autocratic kakistocracy and kleptocracy.

These people want it all for themselves and the average working man and woman can go screw. They want to keep all of theirs, not pay taxes, and take whatever they can get of yours that’s not nailed to the floor.

I wonder if Satan is officially on the guest list at Mar-a-Lago tonight. Because he’s well represented there, in any event.

More winners in the circle.

It will be interesting to see who throws down what for Trump tonight. These are not stupid people. They’ve got to know that with all of Trump’s baggage that this is going to be a long shot use of their money.

Nevertheless, Rick Wilson did predict that when the time came and the primaries were over, that the mega donors would take out the checkbooks. That night may have come.

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  1. Biden still has more cash on hand, and his $25 MLN haul was funded largely by “small” donations (say, up to $100). Its a given that these scheisters could EASILY pony up $50 MLN.



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