I’m betting that right now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had his old hernia back. It had to be less painful than what he’s going through now. Over the last couple of days his own short sighted, arrogant, homicidal running of the Hamas war has brought him mor concentrated political grief then he’s ever known before;

  • In the last 24 hours or so, tens of thousands did their January 6th impersonation, except they didn’t try to beat the sh*t out of the cops or try to storm the building. They want Netanyahu gone, and gone yesterday. And the fact that the protest was peaceful likely didn’t make it very comfortable for the parliament members inside
  • At a presser at the 75th anniversary of NATO, Secretary of State Antony Blinken took Netanyahu and his criminal thug IDF to the woodshed. While admitting that this could have been avoided on October 8th if Hamas had just released the hostages and put down their arms, he put a nail in. But Hamas is a terrorist organization, and Israel is a democratic government. And the one thing that spearates a democratic government from a terrorist organization is it’s supreme committment to innocent human life. And then he skewered Netanyahu over the latest obscenity; The World Central Kitchen tragedy may not be the first tragedy involving humanitarian iad workers, but it must be the last.
  • This was a perfect setup for Biden’s call to Netanyahu this morning. Administration officials reported that Biden had steam coming out of his ears when he picked up the phone. Little wonder. Biden himself admitted that in recent days his wife Jill has been in his ear, saying about the war, Stop it Joe. Stop it now! Hmmm. Bibi Netanyahu or the Lincoln bedroom for the next six months. Tough call.
  • Jill won. Although I haven’t seen an official Israeli read out of the call, the administrations read out makes it sound like Netanyahu barely got a word in. Biden made it crystal clear that he expects two things, and he expects them most riki-tik. These include concrete steps to get more humanitarian aid into Gaza, as well as concrete steps to protect humanitarian aid workers. Biden also said that he expects Israel to negotiate in good faith the existing offer of a lasting cease fire in return for the rest of the remaining hostages, preferably by this weekend. And he said that future US policy towards Israel would be steered by their prompt and satisfactory response

There it is, the 500 lb. gorilla is finally loose in the room. Get your sh*t together, and your flying monkeys under control, or say goodbye to all of those military goodies you’re begging for. This had to be a humiliating call for Bibi to swallow. Netanyahu doesn’t listen to lectures, he gives them. And Biden is well aware of Netanyahu’s total disdain for American Presidents by the way he went behind President Barack Obama’s back, getting GOP House Speaker John Boehner to invite him to address a joint session of congress when Obama refused him a state visit, so he could trash the Iran Nuclear Deal.

But this call, and Blinken’s statement today are a lot more damaging to Netanyahu than just his savaged special snowflake fee-fees. Netanyahu is already toxic to his own people, as these newest mass protests show. Because the Jewish people learned with their mass protests to keep Bibi from gutting the Israeli Supreme Court that mass protest pressure works. And while Netanyahu’s over bloated Trump style ego may bristle at his treatment at the hands of Biden, They all understand that their literal lifeline to safety and security is American military aid. And a Trump like thug like Netanyahu isn’t worth the destruction of their homeland. He’s got to go.

And Netanyahu can lay a good part of his current misfortunes at the feet of one man. Chef Jose Andres. An analyst said on MSNBC today that while President Biden may be the most powerful man in the world, there is one more powerful man in Washington DC. Chef Jose Andres. He’s like that old investment company commercial, When Chef Jose talks, people listen. It’s just a matter of time until he wins a Nobel Peace Prize.

There’s one more reason that Netanyahu can’t survive much longer. I’ve had Jewish friends all of my life, my brother’s son-in-law is Jewish. I’ve seen  the horrors or Auschwitz and Dachau. And when you talk to Jews, not just American Jews, but any Jews, they have simple, poignant two word response to the Holocaust, Never Again. And if they’re simple, honest Jews, practicing their faith with pure belief, there’s a simple two word addition to that, For Anybody. And I think that one of the reasons that the Israeli people are protesting so hard is that they can smell what a brewing genocide smells like. It was bad enough to be the victims. Intolerable to be the oppressors. Netanyahu can’t survive this.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. Some of the kindest, most fair people I’ve ever known, were my ex wife and her family. Their ancestors were Russian Jews escaped to America to avoid oppression. They would never support a war criminal like Bibi. Never again, as you noted Murf, meant For Anyone.

  2. You have to admit……when it comes to genocide, the Jews learned from the best.

    So ironic…….and so wrong……of all people to be involved in the genocide and ethnic cleansing of another people.

    • It’s almost like they stole their slogan also. It seems like Israel’s victim complex has turned into “Israel uber alles”. At least they don’t play well with others.

    • sock…I am hesitant to blame the ‘jews’ although Zionists do exist. It’s clear that a population that allows a nazi to run the country will see horrible things occur whether the majority agrees with it or not. Look what Trump did. He broke laws and worked with our enemy to steal the presidency. He is directly responsible for a million deaths of our OWN citizens. He leads a violent insurrection AS THE SITTING PRESIDENT which destroyed the capital and got officers killed. He took thousands of top secret documents that got CIA agents killed. He grifted hundreds of millions from the taxpayers. He allied himself with the worst dictators in the world. He tried to destroy NATO. He wanted to use the military to FIRE ON PEACEFUL protesters in NY. I could add more but he’s not only NOT IN JAIL BUT IS THE GOP NOMINEE. I agree the Israeli government under Bibi is in a mission committing genocide. I don’t agree the Jews in Israel are supporting it.


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