Avenatti Vaporizes Miller Detention Prog. Promises Lawsuit


As an attorney, I’ve had some issues with Avenatti seeking headlines. This one, I support with my heart and head, because he’s about to make serious trouble for the Trump Administration with respect to the most sickening and indefensible program any administration has had since the World War II detention of Japanese Americans.

According to Raw Story, it all began with Stephen Miller bragging that he was behind the program separating kids from parents. Well, that seemed to be part of what sent Avenatti over the edge.

He wasn’t done:

Ok, we have the pit bull after them now.

But, I’m not satisfied. When the immigration policy excluding people from certain countries was implemented January 2017, some of the nations biggest firms immediately sent lawyer to airports to represent these people, pro bono, or at least at a pay scale on what a person could afford, most were free.

So, where are you now, big firms, power firms, why aren’t you down there looking for kids to represent? Where are you, White Case? Kravitz? Latham and Watkins? Morrison Forester? And all similar firms? The courts are the only branch standing up to this administration. Why aren’t you down there helping these poor people? Your firms make millions upon millions each year, there has to be some money available to “do the right thing.”

I am going to tweet this article to every big firm I can think of, and I invite you to tweet this article, too. Let’s dump as much shame on them as possible. @MiciakZoom

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