Avenatti: Michael Cohen Received $500,000 From Russian Oligarch During Trump’s Presidency


Ari Melber is reporting that Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniel’s attorney in the matter against Donald Trump, alleges – through bank documentation, complete with dates, and precise amounts, that a Putin-linked Russian Oligarch Victor Vekselberg, one sanctioned under U.S. law, forwarded $500,000.00 to Trump attorney Michael Cohen over a period of months just in the last year – in other words, while Trump was president.

To be extremely accurate, given the seriousness of the allegation, this news does not come from any news organization, the allegation comes from Stormy Daniel’s attorney Michael Avenatti, though it is not a mere allegation. Avenatti provided seven pages of bank documents to back-up the assertion.

Katy Kay from the BBC America news states that the oligarch Victor Vekselberg, is close to Trump, having been a guest at the Trump inauguration, someone known to be close to the Trump inner-circle, and could easily explain why Michael Cohen made so many inconsistent statements about the source of funds used to pay Ms. Daniels.

Furthermore, Victor Vekselberg is the same Russian oligarch that Robert Mueller nabbed off an airplane and subpoened to be questioned by the grand jury last year. It is possible that Robert Mueller had questions about whether the money paid to Cohen constituted part of the Russian effort to elect Donald Trump by, keeping news of affairs with porn stars silenced in the days prior to the election.

Much more to follow, this huge story, perhaps the first direct link of real money from a real, sanctioned Russian oligarch, one friendly to Putin, to Trump’s top “personal attorney” and fixer.


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