At long last the nation will almost certainly take its first step towards national accountability. Earlier today NBC News broke exclusively that the Washington DC grand jury will reconvene this week after a month long hiatus. And that can only mean one thing. Traitor Tot is going down like a sick dog.

This news is causing rampant speculation in the media, on several fronts. One says that the prosecutors have uncovered a new witness for the grand jury to hear from. The Special Prosecutors investigation has been almost completely radio silent for a month now. With our media, if the grand jury had reconvened to hear from another witness, we would have heard about it. They have people checking the grand jury’s schedule electronically through the court public facing system.

There is another line of speculation that says that Special Counsel Jack Smith wants the grand jury to hear the now infamous audio recording of El Pendejo Presidente telling a room full of people that he had a document charting a possible war with Iran, but he couldn’t because it was classified. This also makes no sense, since that report has  been in the national media for a week now, and multiple outlets report that the grand jury has already heard that audio. which means Smith has already had it for at least a month now, which sounds right.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, who spent 30 years in the DOJ, and prosecuted RICO cases summed up his feelings perfectly today on MSNBC. He said something like;

From everything I’m seeing, this is a classic textbook case of a major, complicated investigation. When you empanel the grand jury, you show them every bit of evidence you have, bring forward every possible relevant witness as the investigation continues, and give them the clearest picture possible. And once the investigation is basically complete, and you’ve shown them everything, you send them home on vacation.

Then you sit down and and put together what’s called a final report. In that report you meticulously list every single speck of evidence and testimony you have. And working from that report you establish chains of evidence, and if appropriate, come up with possible charges to bring forward to the grand jury to ask for indictments. In Smith’s case there’s an extra step, since he has to take that final report to Merrick Garland for approval to charge. But I don’t think that Merrick Garland appointed Smith to close the case. He wanted his hands clean when the charges were filed.

And I agree with Kirschner 100%. For two years there has been a steady flow of media information that at least kept us generally up to date as to what was going on in the investigation into the Mar-A-Lago documents case. Witnesses being called, new information being presented to the grand jury, lawyers being subpoenaed. We were in the general loop.

But now, for a whole month, nothing. There was one report that the grand jury reconvened on May 16th to hear from a new witness, but as far as I can determine, that was never corroborated by any other outlet.

A month. Time for Smith’s team to put together their final report. Time enough for them to cull through that report and come up with charging documents for possible indictment. And more than enough time for Smith to take that final report, and the corresponding charging documents before Attorney General Merrick Garland for approval. And Garland figures to be a sympathetic figure, sine he has repeatedly stated that No man is above the law. And he appointed Jack Smith to prove that.

It can’t be anything else. There’s nothing publicly known in the investigation that matches. There’s nothing in the sudden month long hiatus of the grand jury that matches. There’s nothing else in the investigation that has leaked that indicates that there is anything new that broke that required reconvening the grand jury.

The investigation is over. Jack Smith and his team have spent the last month putting together their final summation, and drawing up the applicable charges for indictment. And Jack Smith has taken that information to AG Merrick Garland for his approval, which he got.

The reporting doesn’t say on which day the grand jury will reconvene. But it’s moot. Because I find it inconceivable that we’;; get through this week without the announcement of a DOJ press conference, at which time Special Counsel Jack Smith will announce federal criminal indictments against Donald Trump for mishandling of classified documents, violations of the Espionage Act, and Obstruction of Justice. But at the same time, don’t be surprised if FrankenTrump doesn’t jump the gun on the announcement and announce the indictments on Bullshit Social first in order to fundraise. Don’t touch that dial.

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