What are all those guys fighting about?  Well, you know, if it isn’t sport or politics, it’s most likely religion.    Old Irish Quip

This just broke today, so you might not have heard it yet. There was a poll taken four months ago that showed Trump with a 73% approval rating among White Evangelical voters. An identical poll released by the same pollster today showed that Trump’s approval rating among white Evangelicals had dropped 5 points to 68%.

This is important for two reasons. First, historically white Evangelicals have been Trump’s most reliable voting bloc. But let’s use a simple example. Let’s say there are 40 million white Evangelicals out there. Not all of those are Trump voters, but we’re just generalizing. If Trump shed 5% of white Evangelical voters in four months, he’s just dropped some 2 million voters. And in critical swing states with large white Evangelical populations, like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia, where the margins may be razor thin, 10’s of thousands, think 75-100 thousand votes may make a critical difference? The second reason? This poll took place before Trump’s latest religious heresies.

It’s not like Trump didn’t already have a white Evangelical problem, or more accurately a Trump fueled white Evangelical problem. From the day the white Evangelicals plighted their troth to Traitor Tot, their membership has been dropping every year. Part of that is likely the actuarial table, but the majority of it is that younger white Evangelicals have split from their parents and elders, and mostly over disgust for the blatant politization of the pulpit over a pig on cloven hooves like El Pendejo Presidente. So Trump is losing critical voters of a smaller pie than he had 4-6 years ago.

And I’m guessing that in another four months, his support from white Evangelicals will be in the low 60’s. Trump started Easter Sunday by loudly proclaiming Happy Easter! on Bullsh*t Social, and then went on to mutter dark death threats against Michael Cohen and his judge, and then hawking his schlock bibles. On the holiest holiday on the Christian calendar. That would be like Bibi Netanyahu hawking Polish hams on Yom Kippur.

Actually Joy Ann Reid did a brilliant job of stripping His Lowness of his holy vestments. And while there probably aren’t all that many white Evangelicals that tune into The Reid Out, her points and observations are simple and logical enough that I’m sure some of the smarter white Evangelicals out there are starting to have their whiskers twitch.

She compared Trump with his current Messiah complex to Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Charles Manson. All three got their start on their cults by posing as being preachers laying down God’s word, and over time warped and twisted their ideology to replace the God they claimed to speak for. Historical note. The name on Manson’s birth certificate read, Charles Milles Manson. But when he started his cult, he slyly changed his middle name to Willis. Get it? Read his name if you’re a true believer, Charles Will Is Mans Son. Hey, it worked. Manson, Jones and Koresh all warped their message as the Messiah to get their followers to either kill on their behalf, or kill themselves.

With that mentality in mind, think of one or Traitor Tot’s more popular rally lines as his legal woes worsen. They’re not coming for me, they’re coming for you! I’m just standing in their way, and I’ll always stand in their way for you! Gee. Sound much like Christ bravely facing the political cross to absolve all of you slobs sins? Remember this golden oldie, Thou shall have no graven image before me? These schmucks are sending the Apostate their gold, and what did they have at the last pagan C=PAC festival? A golden head and shoulders bust of Trump. And you could take a selfie with it for a measly $20 donation.

And Trump’s zealot imbeciles are already twisting themselves into ideological pretzels trying to normalize this blatant heresy. MSNBC talked to two Trump mouth breathers in Iowa over the weekend. And their method of personal absolution was to conflate Trump’s blasphemy with politics. One of them said something akin to, When Jesus died, he died for our sins. And while Trump isn’t Jesus, he’s using scriptural analogies to put it politically. Trump is willing to fight, and even die for us politically, so that we don’t have to risk retribution for doing it ourselves. 

Gee. Too bad there are no more circuses and carnivals. you could make a very comfortable living as a contortionist. There’s just one small problem with this mental masturbation. Once Il Douche convinces you that he’s the political Jesus Christ, it’s only a couple of baby steps for a lifetime con man like Trump to convince these simpletons  that he’s the Jesus Christ. And once that happens, it’s all over but the shouting.

There is one wild card here that intrigues me greatly. As I said, white Evangelical affiliation has been dropping like a stone every year since they sold their souls to the Orange Satan. Most of that is from younger and better educated white Evangelicals switching their affiliation to unaffiliated. And that causes a problem for white Evangelicals that isn’t getting much attention.

Whatever the reason that Evangelicals of all stripes, young, old, and in between are fleeing their faith, especially if the reason is disgust for their pastors and ministers selling them out to The Cheeto Jesus., one thing is certain. There are no more devout worshippers than white Evangelicals. And if they’re fleeing the flock, then it’s going to have a serious impact on the collection plate.

The Southern Baptist Conference is already getting this kind of blowback over their internal fight over whether or not to ordain women as ministers. We’re about seven months from election day. If these ministers start to see declining profit margins at the collection plates, and if a little birdie is telling them it’s because of Trump, I wonder how long it will take before some of these humble men of god make the purely tactical decision to start taking to the pulpit and start to denounce the false prophet. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. I wonder if when he was a young man Trump learned the outlines of Manson’s infamous “Helter Skelter” and thought it would have been great if Charlie had pulled it off. If he did somehow learn the basics of Manson’s plan and remembers some of it it’s easy enough to imagine Trump, with the power and following he’s attained trying to pull it off for real. Jan 6 failed but came way too close for comfort and he’ll be better prepared if he gets another chance. And he’s got a substantial number Tex Watsons only who know the system line up now to help him try.

    • I am invoking Morrigan. She doesn’t screw around and she is a lot more efficient than the Prince of Peace when it comes to punishing @$$holes.

  2. He was a murderer and liar from the beginning. Reportedly Jesus’s description of the devil in John 8:42-47. Believe it.

  3. (My2cents) I wonder if most people have a grasp, of how dangerously close we are to Fascism & a RW Dictatorship? We ALL MUST VOTE, or our once half-ass Democracy, will become deadly for “others” and opposers! Seriously.

  4. Down here in Mississippi we are having a Senate race. For Democrats to really take back the state, religion has to be addressed. We can’t keep pussy footing around the issue. They are not only full of the religious BS that has no real Biblical justification, but they are white supremacist. Too, they fear retribution from blacks if they have power. They call our congressman from the delta that is our only Democrat in DC and is black a racist. They call the mayor of Jackson a racist. The guy that ran for governor against our own little Hitler had good policies but was anti-abortion. He came close, but no cigar. Our Senate candidate is black, is a veteran and a Civil Rights lawyer. I hope he spends most of his time attacking the fascist party of traitors while emphasizing the contrast between the Democrats and the R’s.


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