Last week’s Mar-a-Lago dinner, where a GOP presidential candidate broke bread with a renowned white supremacist and a mentally ill man who is confused about Judaism, and also a presidential candidate, turned into an incendiary mess in the media. And the conflagration is going, still. A handful of GOP senators and Mike Pence spoke out today, telling Trump that he was wrong, but that’s not exactly the entire party, or anything close to it speaking out.

Brian Kemp lent his voice.

Kemp told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday that he’s proud of the relationship he’s forged with the Jewish community and Israel. He added: “Racism, antisemitism and denial of the Holocaust have no place in the Republican Party and are completely un-American.”

Good. Kemp went on record. Again, in this day and age of Republican cowardice, when a GOPer does the right thing, it’s hailed as a small miracle.

But what about Herschel Walker? Nobody has heard a word from Walker and the senatorial runoff is underway. Early voting is taking place and December 6 is election day. And the candidate is silent? On something this earthshaking? As Joe Biden would say, “C’mon man.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said, “Republican Senate hopeful Herschel Walker, meanwhile, declined comment through an aide.”

The newspaper isn’t the old one trying to get hold of Walker. Joy Reid is as well.

Well, gee, Hersch, if you can “school” Senator Warnock, why don’t you return Ms. Reid’s call? Or, better yet, tell us what you think about Kanye West. Or, best of all, do both?

Since the other day when Walker spoke about his kid looking like a space alien, the senatorial hopeful has been in silent running mode. My best guess is that his handlers, coming off of the space alien gaffe, which followed right on the heels of the “erection” gaffe, are terrified to let the man anywhere near a microphone. We don’t blame them

That said, you have to admit that it doesn’t look so good for a senatorial candidate in the last race of the 2022 election cycle to be missing in action the last week before the election. Maybe that means that the powers that be have given up. They know they can’t win and so they’re just keeping Herschel in the closet and muzzled so that he doesn’t do any more damage.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama will be back in town in a few days to sew things up for Raphael Warnock. I feel confident of the outcome, but it’s not over until it’s over. Get Out The Vote, like always.


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  1. Honestly, this kind of damage control by Walker’s staff is both helpful and useful…if it’d happened a month ago. As it stands, I think even THEY know he’s likely going down in flames and are performing CYA to protect their future employment prospects. Seriously, how would it look on the CV going forward? “Hi, I’m part of the campaign that managed to lose a critical Senate seat twice in the same year!”

  2. Walker’s political handlers are absolutely terrified of letting him get in front of a mic and give one of his rambling, stream-of-consciousness answers to this question. 😆😆😆

    • As the first round of voting in Georgia proved, there’s not enough of the crowd left to win. I look for the second go-around to be even more lopsided in the Reverend’s favor.

  3. NFL players have to think of only ONE thing at a time, where’s that ball, then, who’s got it, this man, with his huge intelligence, would have a problem finding his way out of a wet paper bag …

    He talks and acts like he has not been treated for the last several concussions he has had …

    If the Quarter back called the numbers, he would be the only one, clapping hands on the break out, still standing there, “What were those numbers again?”, …


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