It’s an axiom of writing that you write what you know. And if you don’t know about a subject, you better get up to speed on it before you start talking to other people about it. That said, the laws of literary physics are a lot like the laws of political physics when the topic is Donald Trump.

Ann Coulter has brought many a wry laugh to the public narrative, particularly when she made the switch from Trump sycophant to Trump critic.

That’s what she’s trying to defend here, is how she wrote a book about the man, In Trump We Trust (E Pluribus Awesome) but she didn’t know the first thing about him, literally: which is that he’s a moron.

Yes, Trump is profoundly stupid. His stupidity has been remarked upon his entire life. When he did The Apprentice, many people marveled at how he could be in the position he was, this purported billionaire, captain of industry, chief of high finance, surrounded by women who wanted him and men who wanted to be him, star of his own TV show — and yet he was dumb as a rock.

It was well known back in those days that however “good” Trump appeared on show day was due to the not insignificant talents of people who made him up, dressed him, lit him, shot him and edited through his horrific footage to find something that worked.

In a sense, these people on The Apprentice colluded with Trump in creating this image of who and what he was, which he sold to the American people not just for the run of the show but far more importantly, during his run for office in 2016. They didn’t know it at the time, certainly never even suspected it, but even Trump came to believe that he really was the finished product that a Hollywood team cobbled together. Like the the character in the Greek myth, Narcissus, who fell into a pool and drowned because he was hypnotized by his own reflection, Donald Trump likewise fell in love with his screen image.

What I suspect is really the case, is that Coulter knew. Tony Schwartz, who ghostwrote Art Of The Deal, certainly knew. Tim O’Brien, Michael D’Antonio, other Trump biographers all knew. It wasn’t like the truth didn’t leap out and grab you, because it did. Trump was a stupid, short-fingered vulgarian who feared and hated women and lied and cheated in business and that was known about him early on.

So I think Coulter knew. Just like Fox News knew that Trump lost the election, but what kind of ratings magic is there in simple reporting, right? There’s far more money to be made with conspiracy theory.

Or, with writing political fantasy, which is the niche that Coulter operated in. Trump was going to somehow magically build The Wall, take care of the immigration problem — and before noon of his first day in office, that was said, too.

Now that Trump is passe, Coulter is hoping to reinvent herself, along with the likes of Stephanie Grisham, Alyssa Farrah and other former Trump cheerleaders. It’s called Follow The Money. One stream of income dries up, you go find another one with some fish that are biting.

That is Conservative Politics 101, in 2023. It’s long on pragmatism, bereft of character.


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    • Coulter was chasing the buck when she wrote the book about Trump. I do believe that she thought he had a bit more substance than he actually did. That’s where she misjudged him. He was just a blabbering chatterbox from day one. He had zero intention of getting anything accomplished. The accomplishment for him was the attention, the “ratings.” There is no other yardstick that Trump uses to measure achievement.

      • Two issues here. Whether SHE thought Trump had a ‘bit more’ and whether SHE herself has a ‘bit more’. I’d say that NEITHER has a ‘bit’ let alone a ‘bit more’

    • For Republicons, ethics are non existent, they will back anyone who can can con their base and sell their racist,fascist view of the world. They are all pathetic and an internal threat to our democracy.

    • There’s an old saying that applies here, “You can take all the ethics in Hollywood, roll them into a ball and stuff them in a gnat’s navel and still have room left over for an agent’s heart.” Cynical, yes, but there’s a lot of truth there as well.

    • These people are professionals at missing the obvious. I used to groan and slap my forehead every time some Republican said, “Today, Trump has become presidential.” He never did, never can, because it’s just not in him.

  1. Seeing the Trump in any photo op, guest appearance or just in passing through a TV remote frame was a Dumbass, trying to put together a few words of wisdom, (from his mind like an Encyclopedia), the smartest guy out there … What a phony … Was funny until he showed the whole world he was a traitor, with a lip lock on Putin …

    He is SO guilty of many crimes against our Country and the Office of a REAL President, deserving of the longest, most severe punishment’s available …

  2. Coulter’s a turkey-necked dunce created by a conservative media org to spout hatred and lies to further profits. They have left her out to dry and, seeking relevance, has hopped the fence. I bet she sleeps like a dumb little baby at night.

    • If she wants to be relevant, what she should do is a Stephanie Grisham, and become a whistle blower. If she has any information to blow. And I tend to think that if she did, that thought would have occurred to her by now.

  3. Trump is the stupid person’s idea of a smart person — overconfident and full of bluster, with the confidence to put voice to what stupid people think everyone believes but won’t say.

    And he’s the poor person’s idea of a wealthy person with conspicuous consumption and garish, tacky tastes.

    • Seeing the paprika patootie always takes me back to childhood. My hometown was small, but all the bars were clustered on Main Street. I would be looking for my inebriated father to drive us home for dinner. It never failed that I got stuck on a dirty bar stool forced to listen to a blusterous stone drunk loser pontificate about his many achievements. That stuck with me for life, Trump could have been a stand-in for any of them.

  4. This article is fantastic! i have been wondering for 6 years now whether or not others recognized Trump’s lack of intelligence. His own sister, unprovoked, offered an incredibly damning assessment. His own sister and a retired Republican judge. Think about that, his own sister with whom he didnt have any public squabble. How can she be ignored? But she was. lol

  5. Erm, at least she had to guts to say publicly both things. Whoever wrote this article is clearly a snowflake hiding behind “anonymity”

  6. Well ann the skank thinks trump is dumb now doesn’t that make her dumber than him since the hag fell for the rat. Fuck you coulter you are yesterdays garbage.

  7. Coulter knows that in the post-truth GQP you can make money playing both sides of an issue. Cash in with a book about how great Trump is. Then cash in again with a new book about how bad Trump is. What you say, even if it’s in direct opposition to what you’ve said before doesn’t matter as long as you’re making money saying it.

    We now know, from their own words, that the star clowns in the Fox News primetime circus all knew that “the stolen election” was pure BS–but they promoted it anyway because it was good for business and had no problem enthusiastically lying to their viewers every night. And here’s the thing: even with these revelations from their own texts and emails, if they weren’t getting sued right now, they’d STILL be promoting election fraud conspiracy on the air. They wouldn’t miss a beat just because they had been caught lying because their viewers are too dumb to care. If only we could have their texts and emails about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

  8. It’s not Coulter who infuriates me. It’s Maggie Haberman and the saps at Politico and Axios who have bothsides’d the country into submission. Kapos all. They continue to mainline the KoolAid. They’re absolutely vile.



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