Is there a lip reader in the house? It would be interesting to know what sweet nothings are being mouthed by the Trumps, that happy-go-lucky faux billionaire family in the moldy old house by the sea. My guess is that they’re along the line of Hubby saying, “Now, if you keep playing ball like this and showing your face, there will be a big diamond in it for you,” and Wifey replying, “Will you steal it or hope somebody will give you credit and then you can stiff them in your seventh bankruptcy?”

As predicted here yesterday, Trump painted himself into a corner and had to produce Melania, after he trashed Michael Haley for not being at wife Nikki’s side. (Psst…he’s deployed overseas.) “What will happen now, however, is Trump will feel some pressure, after blowback from the Haley campaign comes in, as it will, and he’ll feel the need to produce Melania publicly. And that’s where it’s going to get comical as all hell.” And so what happens tonight? Right on cue.

And of course there was speculation about whether this was Fake Melania.

That’s the comedy of all this. That’s what I said yesterday. I can imagine a giant blow out between them:

Melania: Vy duh FUKKK did you haf to talk about Nikki’s hussbend? Vy you cudnnt keep your fukkking mouth shut?

Trump: Ah, c’mon. Just a short appearance. We don’t even have to sit together. Just be in the same room with me.

Melania (throwing a lamp at him): Vill cossst you BIGLY, Mr. Asshole! You order diamond NOW!!

Okay, here’s the moment of truth: Anybody see a wedding ring? This was mentioned on Twitter, that she’s not wearing a wedding ring. I am admittedly near sighted as a bat. Can anybody see a wedding ring here?

I thought that people in her station of life were dripping in jewels. No?

Another strange day in Trump world. And it’s only the second week of February. It’s going to be a long, hard haul until November.


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    • In all seriousness, I can’t imagine anybody in her economic class, out for a Saturday night and not wearing jewelry. She’s clearly got no bracelets or a watch on. That’s odd. People in her bracket are wearing diamond encrusted gold Rolexes at the very least. Hell, I’VE even contemplated buying a used Rolex at some point and I’m not married to a billionaire. And believe me, you can buy a used Rolex at a reasonable price, depending on how fancy it is. And there are layaway plans for used Rolexes. I have checked this out because that’s a personal treasure I would like to own.

      So she’s got no watch, no bracelets and I can’t see a ring. And last I knew, she owned a 25 carat ring, because that detail was written up in an interview she did when Trump first ran back in 2016. Something is curious here. The only thing I can think of is maybe it has something to do with being in mourning. She’s in black and no jewelry, maybe that’s it.

      I think it’s odd, but maybe it’s a Slovenian custom or something. Let’s just say the timing of all this, her not wearing a ring after their public spat, looks bad.

  1. I love how they play Y-M-C-A by The Village People when he walks in.
    Do they even know what that song is about?
    I’ll bet he has never paid attention to the lyrics.

    • She left him cuz he’s gay. It’s also why pence didn’t go along with his intentions. I don’t have any evidence, only theories.

  2. Trump has boasted that he never buys a,wife expensive jewelry or art so they can’t take it with them when they get divorced. On top of being a psychopath, he is also cheap. She needs to dump his fat butt now,,while there may be something else,,a building or two or classified documents that she can cash in on. If he only is forced to pay the state of NY what he owes, he is close half a billion in the hole. I think she is hoping he’ll die so she gets her 30% of the estate. The rest is divided among horns kids. Wondering if someone the Russian mob could be persuaded to take everyone but Barron out.


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