What is that expression about people in glass houses throwing rocks and how that’s not a good idea? We just witnessed the wisdom of that today in South Carolina, where Donald Trump disparaged Nikki Haley for the fact that her husband wasn’t campaigning at her side. Turns out that Haley’s husband is in the military and deployed overseas right now — whereas Trump’s wife, Melania, is right there at Mar-a-Lago. But she has not appeared at his side once on the campaign trail, much less gone out on her own campaigning for him.

And yes, granted, her mother passed away in mid-January. But that’s been almost a month and any psychologist will tell you two things: 1. The person who passed away would want you to continue on with your life and be happy; 2. Getting back in the swing of life can be healing and help the grieving process.

She spends her day at the spa at Mar-a-Lago. Melania is just like her husband. Her world centers on herself, in her case preserving her looks. That’s her entire raison d’etre. She wants to look good and that makes perfect sense. When you’ve got one card and one card only, you need to play it. If she had some education, some skill, some avocation, anything beyond looking good, then she would probably spend time at that, and be a more well rounded, interesting individual, but if it exists we don’t know about it. What we learned when Melania came on the political scene, is that her interests are Pilates and fashion magazines. Melania, like Donald, is all about form and putting on a show.

So Donald opened the can of worms and now all eyes are on him, “Where’s your spouse?” Because Haley’s spouse has a reason to be where he is and off the campaign trail. Why is Melania incognito? Because she doesn’t want to be with her husband and certainly that needs zero explanation. We get that one loud and clear. And we don’t blame her one bit.

I would not want to be Melania right now and I wouldn’t blame her if she’s come to hate Donald. She’s recently lost her mother and her son is going off to college in the fall and so that leaves a situation where she’s got a fairly empty nest.

I don’t pretend to know her relationship with her mother but let’s just assume for the sake of argument that it was a very close one. Maybe she bounced all of her frustrations about her marriage off her mother and received comfort and guidance from her. Now she doesn’t get that comfort and guidance.

And a lot of parents do get weirded out when the last kid, in this case, the only kid, leaves the nest.

So Melania is coping with these real world crises and in the meantime, she’s married to the biggest circus side show in the history of American politics. She’s got to know how hated her husband is and how hated she is by extension.

I don’t think we’re going to see her on the campaign trail much and I said that long before her mother took ill. I think Melania has had it.

What will happen now, however, is Trump will feel some pressure, after blowback from the Haley campaign comes in, as it will, and he’ll feel the need to produce Melania publicly. And that’s where it’s going to get comical as all hell. And it’s already starting. This is a photoshopped pic from last week.

Stay tuned. You don’t want to miss it when it all hits the fan. And it should and soon. And let me throw in another issue, having once been a 53 turning 54 year old woman. That’s when menopause kicks in and you begin to evaluate a lot of things in your life. It’s not called the “change of life” for nothing. It’s a definite maturation point. Melania may be thinking at this point that maybe she’s gotten the best of this Faustian bargain and it’s time to get while the gettin’ is good.



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    • I would bet anything that Melania is fed up. The look in her eyes at the funeral told me everything I need to know. That wasn’t a momentary lover’s spat, that was rage. I’ll bet you anything that she thought he wouldn’t come to the funeral and didn’t want him there — and that’s why she was pissed. Because she had to have cameras on her when she least wanted them. That’s my best guess, in all events.

      Seriously, I think Melania would rather be away from Trump than not. We’ll see what happens now. His obvious call is to have Melania stop the Greta Garbo schtick and make an appearance. Let’s see if she does.

  1. It will be interesting to see if she attends whichever trial happens first. If she is smart there will be a quick divorce with a nice fat pack of buildings. Remember,,Donny Boy has to put up a lot of cash or properties to pay off Carroll and likely a lot more after Engeron rules in favor of James and the state of NY . Take Barron, go back to.NYC or Miami, and never see if smell him again. Barron is entitled to 1/5 of whatever is left,,after she gets her cut (1/3 ) if she stays married. Smarter to get what the pre-nup allows while he still has properties and cash.


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