Ah, remember those halcyon days not so long ago when Elon Musk was employing his giant galaxy brain to imminently solvable problems such as digging giant traffic tunnels under L.A. without setting off the San Andreas fault, or sending men to Mars and getting them back, still hydrated and fed, to Earth in time to draw their Social Security checks, instead of plotting world domination by purchasing a social media site for the GDP of Portugal, or bringing peace in our time by double dealing Ukraine away like some sort of modern Neville Chamberlain in Munich?

Good times.

After Ukraine told him this week to fuck off (in precisely those words) lil Elon took them at their word that they did not require his unique problem solving skills, and apparently decided that Taiwan might be more receptive to compromise with their would-be oppressor, and happily make it easier for him to continue his lucrative Tesla operations in Shanghai.


Yahoo news

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Billionaire Elon Musk, days after floating a possible deal to end the war between Russia and Ukraine that drew condemnation in Ukraine, suggested that tensions between China and Taiwan could be resolved by handing over some control of Taiwan to Beijing.

“My recommendation . . . would be to figure out a special administrative zone for Taiwan that is reasonably palatable, probably won’t make everyone happy,” the world’s richest person, told the Financial Times in an interview published on Friday.”

No, Elon that would probably make about 0 people in Taiwan happy, as it has spent the better part of 75 years protecting themselves against the eventuality that anything like that would ever come to pass.

Why on earth would you suggest such a thing? It wouldn’t be that you wish to curry favor with the PRC, who owns the property that your most profitable Tesla plant sits on?

I am sure that you have considered Taiwan’s objections and formulated a galaxy brain response to their trepidations:

“And it’s possible, and I think probably, in fact, that they could have an arrangement that’s more lenient than Hong Kong,” Musk, was quoted as saying by the newspaper.“

Brilliant, Elon! Evoke Hong Kong, where protesters are now susceptible to being hauled off to Peking for trial… that will surely have them racing to sign on the dotted line.

Or not…

“Wang Ting-yu, a senior lawmaker for Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party who sits on parliament’s foreign affairs and defense committee, slammed Musk on his Facebook page.

“Individual independent companies cannot take their ownership as a joke,” Wang said. “So why should they casually pass off the democratic freedoms, sovereignty and way of life of 23 million Taiwanese? It’s not acceptable for Ukraine, and Taiwan certainly won’t allow it.”

I think that’s a “fuck off” in Chinese, Elon.

Maybe you should leave the foreign policy to experts, galaxy brain, and apply your talents to something more practical like a pocket cold fusion device?

That should keep you busy and out of our hair for a while.

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  1. He could stay in his lane, work to his strength by increasing green energy sources and power storage. I’m guessing his ego wouldn’t settle for that.

  2. I honestly feel sorry for this guy in so many ways. Even so, I have to acknowledge his continued presence on the world stage is increasingly a net negative. I recall someone very accurately calling him “Doctor Doom’s failson”.

    • Why is he even ON the world stage? His ability to manufacture automobiles does not make him an authority on anything except, perhaps, manufacturing automobiles. Yet one more fail by our media. Rather than seek out actual news, things that need to be known or would benefit folks, they seek out fame, wealthy, notoriety, anything other than shit that should be news.

      Thankfully NPR exists so at least a small portion of our population can listen to actual news and/or something educational rather than the equivalent of scandal rag garbage at the grocery checkouts.

      I fail to see why this idiot should be pitied. He was born into a wealthy family and that wealth helped him all along the way. That he now feel that wealth entitles him to say stupid shit on the world stage should subject him to scorn and derision, not an audience.

      • You are hardly alone in failing to see why I still feel badly for him. He’s not even THAT good at manufacturing cars, it must be said. My pity comes from the knowledge that he never stood a chance to be a better man.

    • I’m not sure but I thought he was on yesterday or maybe the day before.

      I would guess his inability to get a rise out of anyone posting here might have resulted in him figuring better ways to spend his time.

      • I’m guessing his nazi ass got one of his swinger ads answered by a cross dressing serial killer who took him for a tour of the everglades. Maybe he’s taken a position working for pissantis driving immigrants to Florida for deportation to a blue state. Cult members tend to get into lots of trouble. Could just be ‘researching’ new conspiracy theories is just damn time consuming. How about alien abduction? Now that’s a real possibility. Right.

  3. Musk, is a spoiled brat racist from South Africa. He has no legitimate opinion on any thing. Anyone with enough money can start an electric car company.


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