Much is being made in the press of Steve Bannon’s supposed upcoming “cooperation” with the J6 Committee, including a patently BS story, likely implanted into The Washington Post, about drumpf graciously “waiving” his non-existent executive privilege to allow Bannon to testify…

“Former President Donald Trump is considering sending a letter to Stephen K. Bannon, his former chief strategist and an outspoken advocate of false claims that the 2020 election was stolen, saying that he is waiving executive privilege, potentially clearing the way for his former chief strategist to testify before the House select committee investigating the pro-Trump riot at the Capitol.

The letter would reiterate that Trump invoked executive privilege in September 2021, when Bannon was first subpoenaed by the House committee. But it would say that the former president is now willing to give up that claim if Bannon can reach an agreement on the terms of an appearance before the panel, according to three people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the matter’s sensitivity.”

While some were all agog about this development…

… many were skeptical of the disreputable duo’s motives, including former federal prosecutor John Flannery, who went on Ari Melber’s “The Beat” yesterday to explain to him why this development might not really merit much enthusiasm:

Raw Story

“”I want to remind people, it doesn’t matter whether the committee still technically exists later … he could very likely end up in prison, which I think his lawyers warned him,” said anchor Ari Melber. “How do you interpret what seems to me to be a pretty major Washington Post story tonight, Friday night, John, that basically suggests that as soon as tomorrow, Bannon might fold and try to cooperate?”

“Cooperate is where I stop, because I have to see it,” said Flannery. “Consider the fact that executive privilege is granted by Biden, the present president, and so it is irrelevant that Trump does this, so why does Trump do it? Trump does it because that is what Bannon has said already and he wants it to happen and why does he want it to happen since they both know what they did together?”

“So, my feeling as a prosecutor would be this is a Trojan horse, coming into spread nonsense and to try to come in from inside, blow up the investigation,” said Flannery.“”

Some observers, who just might have clearer eyes than that WaPo parrot or Melber, agree with Mr. Flannery that drumpf and Bannon, whose fathers maybe should have used a Trojan, are trying to Horse the Committee…

Ms. White’s contention is that drumpf is “waiving” exec privilege to help Bannon in his upcoming criminal trial for refusing a J6 subpoena. If he and drumpf can pull this ruse off, Bannon could claim that he had a legitimate reason to dodge the subpoena.

But some, and I can’t imagine why, doubt drump’s magnanimity…

I tend to side with Joyce, because if the Dumpy Don can execute this con and help Bannon at trial, he ultimately helps himself, as Bannon undoubtedly knows where the bodies are buried… hell, Stevie Twoshirts probably did some shovel work himself…

In any case I agree with the politically astute Charles P. Pierce…

…that the J6 committee’s answer to both Rhodes and Bannon should be:

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  1. Give the J6 Committee a BIT more credit, would you, Dino? The presence of Liz Cheney alone all but guarantees that they will meet Bannon behind closed doors first before anything public. Furthermore, this pair would be peddling their snakeoil to smart people rather than the usual MAGA marks. Whatever con they have in mind, it’s doomed from the start.

      • WaPo is full of stenographers who have no memory and no curiosity – they never check the history of these guy to notice it’s their MO.

      • So? As PJ implied, neither are as interested in the facts as they are hitting their ratings marks. To do that, both have concluded that panic porn–which this is–is the only way to do it. Our side of the political spectrum will never be able to claim to be “reality-based” so long are we are this gullible. But then, I’ve had the unfortunate life experience of an abusive parent to guide me here. It’s why I’m less willing to ascribe the magic powers to the likes of Bannon or Trump that this “reporting” does.

    • And… if they allow Bannon to testify behind the curtain but not in front of it he’ll claim they are hiding exculpatory evidence.

    • I think what I’ve seen suggested already is what’s going on – Bannon thinks he can wrangle some kind of immunity for throwing Trump under the bus. I’m sure he remembers the Ollie North business and assumes he can ultimately get off the hook in the same way. I agree with you though – the Jan. 6 Committee isn’t about to buy what he’s selling. And while they won’t laugh in his face if he tries to pull out the bullshit Executive Privilege card I’m certain he will be firmly reminded, perhaps even with copies of various rulings including from SCOTUS going all the way back to Nixon that it doesn’t apply here. AND that as a FORMER President EP isn’t something Trump has to offer in the first place. It belongs to the person currently occupying the Oval Office. Bannon, like Trump thinks he is sooooo much smarter than everyone else and also just as able to bully & con what he believes to be lesser people. He’s wrong. I for one think once he’s in the hot seat and realizes he’s outmatched he will suddenly become the dumbest, most forgetful/memory impaired person ever except for words invoking his fifth amendment rights.

      • Brannon can’t and won’t “throw Trump under the bus” his whole raison d’être is the Orange blob. If he betrays Trump he’ll lose everything, his career, such as it is, his monetary support…everything. Won’t happen.

        • I think Bannon’s raison d’etre is funding himself. He’s said many times he want’s to blow it all up/burn it all down. The former guy is just another tool to use.

  2. I’m torn between two likely scenarios: bannon takes the fifth or lies for every question. Both are equally likely and quite frankly I don’t see answering questions honestly are being an option. Especially since taking the fifth would at least keep him out of the pokey until such time as D.O.J. files charges against him.

    Bannon has had nothing but contempt for legitimately elected officials. To think he would cooperate with these legitimately elected officials in legal hearings is silly. Besides, he has money so I would imagine he’s skedaddle to another country before allowing D.O.J. to anything. I’m sure he has his $$’s hid in some wealth hiding country.

    • The time to have left for Bannon has already gone by. At this point, he probably has his own drone the second he even THINKS about fleeing. Also, money was never enough for him. Like all fragile white men with short man’s syndrome, what he wanted was power and respect he never deserved nor ever could wield effectively. Basically, he’s a less successful version of Newt Gingrich.


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