What they say is true. Payback is a bitch, and she’s in heat. Insurrection, Capitol riot loving MAGA scumbags love rubbing everybody’s face in what disgusting shits they are. But notoriety can become a problem if not properly managed.

I honestly believe that if the bottom feeders we’re stuck with hadn’t been elected to congress, they’d be in their basement in front of a desk being internet trolls. They exist for no better reason than to piss the rest of us off. They never bothered to try to qualify or back down on their absurd words and behavior, instead they doubled down and fund raised off of it. But now the shoe may just be on the other foot.

It started a couple of months ago, when a handful of private lawyers and public advocacy groups went to federal court in North Carolina and sued to keep heavy duty shitheel Madison Cawthorne off of the 2022 ballot. Their approach was novel, they were suing under the clause of the 14th Amendment that says that anyone who supports or supports an insurrection against the government shall be ineligible to hold public office or a public position of trust. They used Cawthorne’s own words and actions, which he proudly defended against him. Cawthorne’s lawyers asked the the suit be dropped as frivolous, but the judge decided the plaintiffs had standing, and the case merit, and scheduled a full hearing.

Ready for round two? Good! Because here it comes. MSNBC reported today that a similar group in Georgia had filed a federal lawsuit to keep Laborious MTG off of the ballot as well. And again they used her own proud words and actions, and vociferous defense of them against her. Now we wait for a preliminary hearing.

God I love it when a plan comes together! We’ll have to wait and see if a similar group in Arizona takes a shot against Paul Gosar, or a Florida group takes a swing at Matt Dufar Daddy Gaetz. But as a strategy, this is brilliant, for a whole bunch of reasons.

First of all is the fact that they can’t even blame the Democrats, woke corporations, or Disney pedophile groomers, because they have nothing to do with these suits, they have been filed by local groups and attorneys.

Second is the media coverage. These are local suits, and will garner local media coverage. Which means that constituents who don’t pay that much attention to politics will learn what despicable scum their representative is. Those constituents who don’t pay much attention to politics may be dismayed to find that their elected representative supported the Capitol riot, and overturning a free and fair election.

The third one is called voter uncertainty. According to former US Attorney Joyce Vance on MSNBC, these things take time. Cawthorne and Greene’s names will likely appear on the primary ballot. But according to Vance, if the court rules against either or both of them, from what Vance said, any votes cast for them simply won’t count. My understanding was that if they won the primary, and were booted from the ballot, whomever finished second would be on the ballot. There would be no redo or runoff. This could be deadly, since who wants to cast a ballot for somebody that might not even appear on the ballot in November?

But here comes by far and away my favorite reason. Cha-Ching! These idjits have to defend themselves against these suits, and that means two things. Lawyers and money. Shitpots of money. And that is going to have to come from either their personal bank accounts of campaign funds. Trump might arm twist the RNC to cover his personal defense expenses, but I don’t see him opening his, or the RNC’s wallet to help these ballot mice out. They’re on their own.

My personal take? I rate the lawsuits at a 50-50 shot, it all depends on the judge. But even if these fail, when you factor in negative tive constituency impact, voter uncertainty as to their actual validity on the primary ballots, and the money they are going to have to spend to fight these suits off, their road to reelection just got a whole lot rockier. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. “First of all is the fact that they can’t even blame the Democrats, woke corporations, or Disney pedophile groomers, because they have nothing to do with these suits, they have been filed by local groups and attorneys.”

    Sorry, Murf, but “they” mostly certainly can blame all those folks. Living in Alabama, you find that the right-wingers love nothing more than blaming “Washington insiders” for virtually everything (even as they’re taking all sorts of political money from those very “insiders” and accepting endorsements from those “insiders”). “They” can always find some way to link any boogeyman of their choice to whatever woe currently affects them.

    In the case of these suits, all those “local groups and attorneys” will be attacked as being financed by those evil “Democrats, woke corporations, [and] Disney pedophile groomers” and ALL because those groups are “scared” of the “brave/courageous/valiant” right-winger who’s out there “single-handedly”* fighting all the evils perpetrated by the “Democrats, woke corporations, [and] Disney pedophile groomers.”

    *I use “single-handedly” because none of them will ever acknowledge others doing the same thing in their own ads. Of course, every single one of them will be ready and willing to “team up” for another’s rallies and such, but their ads HAVE to show them as some solitary person fighting against the evils of the world.


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