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Well, crap! Facebook finally got me!
Reposted from Daily Kos It was nice while it lasted, but nothing is forever. I gotta hand it to Mark Zuckerberg and his band of merry social misfits, they’re quick…

Could this be the "October surprise"?
Keep your eye on this simple fact for the next couple of weeks, because it could be the final shot under the waterline that sinks the GOP battleship in November.…

Kanye West Voted For Donald Trump Because He Made Him Feel Like A Man
Rapper Kanye West met with Donald Trump in the Oval Office Thursday and launched into an expletive laden rant wherein he referred to himself as a “motherfu****” and said his…

Melania: "I'm The Most Bullied Person On [sic] The World"
Apparently BeBest is all about her and how abused she is, not surprisingly. “If you really see what people are saying about me...I’m the most bullied person on the world.…

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