Funday Furkids: Two Different Worlds

Two Different Worlds header image
1.png Photo from cover of "Friends - True Stories of Extraordinary Animal Friendships" by Catherine Thimmesh

The Funday Furkids are aghast at the appalling Republican habit of dividing people based on differences. It matters not, they say, what gender, culture, race or species you are, what binds us together is friendship and love. Today they’ve decided to take the lead and show the way! And there’s no better way than in song, accompanied by the lovely voice of Jerry Vale. *

The team tell me they sent “gatherers” to the Treasury building and waited until some coins fell out (nope, I didn’t ask what they meant; they’d just do the “looking innocent” thing anyway). So the jukebox is ready when you are! Just press play and scroll down through the lyrics, singing along as you go!

* I substituted the Jerry Vale song for Mopsy’s Roger Williams piano piece, because I could not get the Williams’ piece to embed either. But I think this is wonderful and I hope you do, too.  — Ursula
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  1. It’s bedtime for me – I’ll catch up with commenters when I wake up about 6 hours from now. Politipet hugs to everyone from the Funday Furkids team!

      • I had real trouble trying to embed it myself. I thought it was the change in server. Anyway, as long as it works with the lyrics, that’s the important thing. The Furkids will create another Roger Williams singalong in a future story.

    • I loved this song as a child but never knew the lyrics until I went looking for them. It’s an ideal song for furkids and a reminder for us hoomins that unity is as much about love as it is about peace and goodwill.

    • The video wouldn’t work, period, but I put in this Jerry Vale piece. Come back and listen to it while going through the pics. It’s a movie!

    • I did. I had a lovely sleep. Had a long soak in the bath yesterday and changed my sheets so it was lovely slipping between fresh sheets last night!

  2. This is absolutely awesome. I can’t tell you how much I love this. The video is kaput, but let me go see if I can find some version of the song and drop it into the piece. Thanks so much for this.

    • This is really condoning and promoting animal exploitation. It’s obvious a lot of those photos are posed / set up and the animals had no choice about being there. A lot of its unnatural behaviour and should not be promoted.

      • Maybe you could become an agent for the animals, sort of an Ace Ventura of the pootie/woozle diary world. Sweet Jesus, I’ve heard it all.

      • Only one of these photos was photoshopped (by me), all the rest are certified genuine. Most were taken in zoos, wildlife parks or rescue farms. I suggest you read the book “Friends – True Stories of Extraordinary Animal Friendships” by Catherine Thimmesh. The cover of the book is the header image for this story.


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