Maybe the post-Trump GOP can call itself the POC, which would stand for Party Of Cassandra. For that is what it is in the year 2024. Everything is “disaster” to use one of Donald Trump’s 200 vocabulary words. Except POC is already taken for People Of Color. So how about POD, which is Party Of Doom? Because doom is exactly what the GOP standard bearer promised the crowd in Michigan today. Take a look at a few clips and most of all, take a listen to the random handclaps and the half dozen or so half-hearted “four more years” chants.

Inspiring, isn’t it. And yes, you know what direction things went then. Wait, I’ve got it. This is perfect. The new GOP will be POL, Party Of Lies. It can’t get better than that. POL for politics and POL for Party Of Lies. Maybe we should copyright it and sell it to the GOP, ya think?

I’m assuming he’s talking about mass amnesty for the caravans which are pouring over the border and then registering to vote and voting dozens of times? If not them, then who? And you can file this next one under, “Does anybody know WTF he’s talking about?”

There’s more but that’s the gist of it: the country is being invaded, Trump will keep you safe (we guess from sexual violence, that’s what Katie Britt was trying to shill.) And the idea of an adjudicated rapist keeping anybody safe from sexual violence is comical in and of itself.

But if you do manage to survive disease or attack by hordes of invaders, then it won’t matter anyway because only if Donald Trump is elected will be even continue to exist as a nation.

What a great and glorious vision for America, eh what? But this is the best the GOP can come up with. They are indeed the Party Of Lies. Let’s just do the name change and make it official, shall we?

Trump got a lot of mileage out of this vitriol back in 2016. But it’s dead now. It’s not new, it’s not unique, it’s just old and tired and worn out, like the man who’s speaking the lines. His focus is not on the crowds. He’s got way too much else to worry about. Trump gets up everyday and immediately goes into damage control, how much money is there, where is that money to be spent, what’s the crisis du jour? And there’s always the calendar. He hates the calendar but his lawyers keep him looking at it and thinking about it.

Trump’s got his ridiculous defamation lawsuit against ABC News and he’s thinking of revamping the lawsuit against CNN for making comparisons between himself and Hitler. My best conjecture on that is that if Trump gets enough of these “enemy of the people” suits going, maybe it will impress MAGA.

The problem is, Trump doesn’t need to impress MAGA. They’ll back his play no matter how insane. What his issue is, is bringing other people into his tent, at the very least the Nikki Haley voters and Independents. He’s doing nothing to address that.

Trump was something unique back in 2016. His bullshit worked. But he’s not going to capture lightning in a bottle twice. He’s just going to blow himself up. Watch.

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  1. November 5th?

    That’s the day that Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the English parliament (or as is claimed over here – the last person to go to Westminster who actually knew what he was doing)

  2. WTF are all those uniforms doing? If during the daytime they should be at work. If after work they should be wearing street clothes. Are these the new uniforms for the Proud Boys and Oath Kreepers?

  3. I feel I must defend Cassandra here.She was the exact opposite of a lying GOP.

    Cassandra was a princess in Troy, and Apollo had the hots for her. She was uninterested. To try to win her heart (or some other body part) he gave her the gift of being able to accurately see the future. She was not impressed. He was furious and, unable to take back the gift, cursed her by ensuring no one would ever believe her.

    The closest thing I can see to Cassandra today would be all the scientists who for years have been predicting climate change which so few have believed in, and many still don’t, even though it is upon us.

    Cassandra, unlike Republicans, always spoke truth – she was compelled to by the “gifts” of Apollo. Also unlike Republicans, she did not spread doom and gloom for personal gain. When she did so, she did it to warn, and save, people she cared about, because it was true. I can think of only one mythological character I have more sympathy for. and that is Prometheus


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