Sweet Lord, there are times when it’s a beautiful thing to be a blogger covering politics, and this is one of them. Last night I wrote that I loved the novel idea of using the 14th Amendment regarding supporting an insurrection to get MAGA traitors off of the 2022 ballot. NC knucklehead Madison Cawthorne already has a case in progress, and as I wrote, similar groups filed suit yesterday in Georgia against Marjorie Taylor-Greene, aka Laborious MTG. But I never expected things to move this fast.

Here’s the lowdown. Last month, the same group that went after Madison Cawthorne went after MTG. They wrote to the Georgia Secretary of State with their complaint. They asked that the SoS find Greene ineligible under the 14th Amendment, and strike or remove her name from the ballot. Instead, the SoS ordered a preliminary in front of a state administrative judge.

Apparently MTG had a preliminary hearing in court today on her case. And of course MTG showed up all arrogant and stuffed full of herself. Her lawyers invoked First Amendment freedoms of speech, and asked that the frivolous suit be dismissed immediately. But it seems that her arguments fell on deaf ears. The judge basically said Let’s not and say that we did.

Instead, the judge ordered an evidentiary hearing for Friday, at which time Greene will be sworn in and must testify under oath. Not only that, but the judge ruled that the session would not be closed, that the public will be admitted, and that cameras will be allowed in to broadcast the hearing live!

Oh Marjie, Marjie, Marjie, you’re so ugly when you pout! Her first appearance on TV from the courtroom steps was a master class in white privilege and white grievance. This whole thing is just another Democratic scam to control the slates of the November elections. She is the first Republican ever to have to testify in such a sham trial. I can already smell the email fundraising blasts screaming across the internet.

This is critical, simply because it’s the first case to move forward, and the initial proceedings will be public. In the Cawthorne case, the initial judge ruled that the case could go forward, only to be blocked by a federal appellate judge who ruled that the clause only applied to confederate soldiers. This ruling was so stupid that a federal appellate court judge has fast tracked a hearing on the ruling. In fact, the Georgia administrative judge directly cited the Cawthorne case, calling the judge full of shit.

Do yourself a favor and watch this like a hawk. This is now two separate courts in two states that have found that the plaintiffs have standing, and enough basic evidence for the case to continue. It appears highly likely that the NC judge will overturn the lower court ruling and let that case proceed as well. This also leaves other GOP traitors like Paul Gosar and Mo Brooks with an itch between their shoulder blades.

The Georgia plaintiffs lawyer appeared on All In with Chris Hayes tonight. And while he played coy on exactly what question he would ask MTG, he did throw out a few teasers. He will question her on why she said that both Joe Biden as well as Nancy Pelosi should be executed as traitors. He would ask her about her participation in planning J6 events. And he would ask her why she told her sheeple that there couldn’t be a peaceful transition of power for a fraudulent election. No wonder she’s shitting her Gloria Vanderbilt panties.

Of course you see where this is going. The further along any of these court cases go, the more dangerous it becomes for one Donald John Trump. For every step of success these state court cases gets, it opens a window. Especially if the J6 committee decides that Trump at least helped to incite the Capitol riot, activist lawyers will be lining up in front of federal courts with suits to bar Trump’s name from appearing on the 2024 ballot under section 3 of the 14th Amendment. And if that ever happens, then get ready for all hell to break loose. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Whoever thought that rabble-rousing was a qualification for congress? Despite what her supporters may think, it may actually be a disqualifier, if you take it too far. Apparently, she has no clue where too far is.

  2. Gloria Vanderbilt? Greene might be the “purtiest” gal in her trailer park but I’d bet she gets her undies the same place as most of her other clothes – in the second hand clothing store in the strip mall next to her trailer park.

      • As the petrol states have proved-they don’t come much stupider than the folks from TX, OK, MT, ….You can buy a real fancy trailer when oil is found on your property, and you have the rights to it. lol

  3. I guess she only ‘shines’ with either an assault rifle, or a bag of pipe bombs in her hand, or when screaming at a 17 year old high school kid who saw his classmates killed. These folks hate the Chinese but she should have listened to the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Cue up the videos.

  4. “This also leaves other GOP traitors like Paul Gosar and Mo Brooks with an itch between their shoulder blades.”

    I don’t know about Gosar but Brooks is already toast. He’s already on the ballot (along with several other Trumpers) to run for Senate which means his ONLY hope, if he loses the primary (directly or in the run-off), to get his House seat back would be a successful write-in campaign. The state has a “sore-loser” law which would prevent him from running for his House seat again (although he *possibly* could take the fight to court since the primary’s run-off is in mid-June and the state would have ample time to print new ballots with Brooks’ name on it as an independent or as a recruit for another party but he’d also have to get enough signatures between the initial loss and, I’m guessing, early September since the state would have to start sending out absentee ballots by the end of the month, especially to overseas military personnel). Right now, Brooks is pretty much polling in third place although there’s a sizable “undecided” number in the polls (which, if they all went for Brooks, could put him in the run-off).

    • The U.S. House of Representatives is governed by the U.S. Constitution. States can’t really change the rules regarding H.O.R. and Senate candidates so they likely cannot stop him from running for his old seat: if he meets the Constitutional requirements he probably can run. This doesn’t mean they have to put him on the ballot necessarily if they have certain rules about when candidates have to file to be on the ballot, but he likely could run as a write-in. This also depends on if the 14th comes into play because it looks like that is going to be used this cycle and I suspect it won’t stop with Maddie or Kooky Pants.


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