You’ve seen footage of the most recent mass shooting, this one yesterday in a shopping mall in Allen, Texas. And we’ve run through the obligatory components of the killing cycle:

  1. Shooter kills;
  2. People freak;
  3. Community in shock;
  4. Republicans offer up “thoughts and prayers.”
  5. Democrats rage, unheard in the vacuum of Gun Space, against the available of automatic weapons, weapons of war;
  6. Not a damn thing changes.
  7. Rinse and repeat.

That’s the cycle. That’s been the cycle. Here is one breath of fresh air, coming from a gentleman in Allen, who is an ex-cop and ex-Army officer. Listening to him is sane and refreshing. Maybe this man should run for office as a Republican, because if there was this kind of thinking in that party, we could staunch the blood letting in this country.

Clarification: there are no awful images of blood here, except verbal ones. This man is calm but what he describes would give me nightmares for the rest of my life.

Here’s the local congressman talking about mental health and prayers. The only rule he knows to follow is appease the NRA and they’ll give you a donation. It’s truly amazing how many Congress members in both chambers have sold their souls to the NRA and this ridiculous prattle.

The almighty god Keith Self believes in is the NRA. Let’s make that clear.

My belief is that God gave us free will. If we want to use that free will to massacre each other, He’ll allow that. Just my two cents. The Republicans would have you believe in a fundamentally insane god, who just wakes up and decides to blow away his own children at will. The party of personal responsibility does that so they don’t have to be responsible for taking charge and changing laws that desperately need changing.

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  1. I have to ask myself if these damned republiQanons are human anymore. The only answer I can come up with is NO! They condone these terrible massacres as “something we just have to live with”, and will not allow any kind of meaningful gun control. Well I say FSCK them and the elephant they rode in on!!

  2. Congressman…if there were any true justice you’d be in the belly of a hammerhead shark headed south of Cuba. (Sorry hunter…Nixon wasn’t the only evil criminal ever to get elected). Tell you what Keith…when you’re being shredded by that divine creation, I’ll pray for YOU…free of charge.

  3. The party of personal responsibility-unless it’s their fault, or responsibility, in which case every other reason or excuse imaginable is proffered.

  4. 1. Buy back
    2. Expensive liability insurance required if removing weapon from domicile.
    3. Very strict penalties and enforcement

    • There probably IS some strength to swinging from horrible powerful semi-auto military style rifles to the world’s best sling shots, or other shoot-able sports weapons … Breaking window glass and shooting targets instead of people, even the bows and arrows are miles ahead of AR-15 style guns for safe hunting and target shooting …

      It’s a matter of scale and defense, there is very little protection from a lizard with one of those powerful guns, carry the magazines full of bullets with you and using the right tactics, you might survive until you mow down 200+ people … shooting bullets as fast as you can pull the trigger, can blow up a lot of concrete blocks and glass doors and large glass windows, making death from shrapnel possible … Thoughts and prayers have NEVER brought back the dead from their mangled bodies from the impact of an AR-15 style gun …

      Every time I see Ted Cruz, doing his normal attack form against witnesses, I think about how low he goes to please the NRA, his take from them must be HUGE !!

  5. Is Self referring to that “almighty God” who impregnated a virgin to bear a son whose SOLE job was to be executed for “the sins of the world?”

    Sounds to me like that “almighty God” really expects US to fend for ourselves because that same “almighty God” is ultimately responsible for the SHOOTER’S actions as well as the victims’ deaths. You CANNOT have it both ways. I have yet to see a single prayer (much less mass prayers) to stop a mass shooting.

    Tell you what, Mr Self. Put yourself 10 feet in front of a guy armed with an AR-15 and let him open fire while you pray to your “almighty God” to keep you from being killed. Let’s see how well your praying does in the face of a round of bullets.

  6. Joseph totally agree, but I’d point out, according to Moses,(no proof of course), God gave us paradise, had only one rule, warned Adam and Eve not to break that rule, and WE chose to know good and evil. I guess free will is expensive when you can’t follow one goddamn rule.

  7. Rep. Self’s claim that “almighty God is in absolute control” of our lives contradicts the principle that humans are endowed with free will. If we were all under God’s control, I don’t think we’d be killing one another.

  8. TRUTH to POWER! No one needs a AR-15, A Machine gun to slaughter many people at one time! NO ONE! ENOUGH already! RW Congress, do your DAMN JOB!


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