I’m sorry this is a wee tardy, but you all know that it’s hard for me to read type, and MSNBC has been monolithic on the Texas school shooting for the last 48 hours now. It wasn’t until Teri Googled last night that I finally got some primary results from Tuesday.

And right now I’m typing this upside down, since I’m walking on the ceiling. Those results on Tuesday couldn’t have been much worse for Trump if he had been running himself. Tuesday was an unmitigated disaster spreading across multiple states.

The thing about Trump is that he promotes himself as the ultimate hardass. He will hold a grudge for years, and his own White House Press corp loved repeating the tale that when Traitor Tot gets hit, he punches back twice as hard as he got. As each GOP House incumbent who defied him retired rather than face a Trombie primary, Trump gleefully kept a running tally of traitors. Funny, right now the only thing I see Trump punching is his pillow.

On Tuesday in Georgia, The Mango Messiah made waterloo look like a sterling victory for Napoleon. Incumbent Governor Brian Kemp chewed through Trump’s hand picked stooge, David Perdue like a dog going through a rawhide treat. This was bitter wormwood for Trump, who desperately wanted to pay Kemp back for his insolence in certifying the 2020 Georgia presidential results.

Then came the second knock in the nuts. In a stunning development, incumbent Secretary of state Brad Raffensperger pulled off a miracle and won his primary against Trump lackey Jody Hice by enough to avoid a runoff. This has to burn Trump’s ass more than a 4′ candle, since he was planning on a runoff between Raffensperger and Hice to throw his weight around. And now it’s all for naught.

And if two knocks in the nuts in Georgia, how about a kick in the ass in Alabama? His lowness heartily endorsed House GOP ass-kisser Mo Brooks for the open US Senate seat almost before Brooks announced. Then Brooks stumbled, tanked in the polling and Trump unendorsed that loser!, and backed a Sure fire winner instead. And a month from now, Brooks and retiring Senator Shelby’s Chief of Staff will go to a run off, while the Sure fire winner is looking around like a hurricane survivor.

I cannot tell you how bad this is for Trump’s alleged reputation as a Kingmaker. I wrote recently how a MSNBC analyst said that Trump’s endorsement power was limited to open seats, where he could tap one shitheels nobody else had ever heard of out of a field of 8 shitheels nobody had ever heard of either. But then he even fucked that up! He knee jerk endorsed Brooks for the Senate seat, and when Brooks tanked in the polls, he dumped him and endorsed somebody else instead. Immediately after, Brooks surged in the polls, and is now headed to a runoff. Gee. Ya think Alabama voters might not like candidates they see as Trump’s lap poodle?

But here’s the McGuffin. It wasn’t just Tuesday. Sure, Trump has backed a few winners. He got Herschel Walker through the primaries in Georgia, and Hillbilly JD vance through the open OH Senate primary. And he endorsed J6 insurrectionist Doug Mastriano in the PA Governor’s race the weekend before the election. But not even including Tuesday’s results, just look what has happened lately in Trumptopia;

  • In Nebraska, the state GOP rose up en masse to defeat a Trump endorsed serial groper, and in doing so, possible kept from turning Nebraska into another Kansas
  • In Idaho, voters annihilated the traitorous Lt Governor, who had actually tried to shanghai state government just because the Governor made a road trip from the state, trying to nullify his mask mandate. She’s currently updating her whack-a-mole GOP resume
  • In blood red Tennessee, the legislature actually went back into session, and passed a resolution stripping the name of an insane, carpetbagging Trumptard from the primary ballot. A local judge struck it down. After which, the legislature reconvened, and passed a new resolution that passed judicial muster
  • In North Carolina, the GOP dominated legislature actually redrew the districts to put the incredibly popular Senate Majority Leader into Fratty Maddy Cawthorn’s district, sealing his fate as a one-and-done Trombie in congress
  • In PA, Trump acolyte Senate candidate, quack television doctor Mehmet OZ is in a mandatory statewide recount. The results of the recount are mandated by 1 week from today, which may well be before the court case in which Oz is embroiled, with his challenger about the validity of early mail in ballots with missing or illegible posting dates on the envelope. Who knows how long it will take to untangle that, while Democrat John Fetterman campaigns unopposed and fundraises

Trump can spin this any way he wants, but he can’t make a silk purse out of a sows’ ear. Trump is in deep kimchi here. In the races that really matter, he isn’t even batting 500. It will only get worse, because there are more of these kinds of matchups on the ballot. And News Flash! The 2012 GOP called, and they want their party back. Former Trump GOP stalwarts like Miles Taylor, and Olivia Troye with her Republicans for Accountability have found the secret. And that’s to beat Trump endorsed candidates in the primaries, so that they never get to the November ballot, weakening his hold. This is going to get interesting.


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  1. I guess schmuck is one word for it. To me, ever since he became know back in the 1980s his demeanor caused me to view him as an asshole. Over time he’s degraded into a bigger and nastier asshole to look at.

  2. If it looks like a schmuck, walks like a schmuck, and sounds like a schmuck I reckon it’s a schmuck. Although that is a much kinder label than I would use for it.

  3. With Walker and Vance, name recognition was a big part of it. Walker’s remarks after Uvalde aren’t going to help, though. He keeps revealing that he really can’t think or understand anything more complicated than “run down field”.

  4. That’s a perfect picture of his lardship. Big. Fat tub of lard with his tiny hands prominently displayed making a balloon animal. And you can tell he can’t make one if you look at the balloon.


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