This ongoing saga of Lauren Boebert fits into both of my categories of “you can’t make this up” and “it gets worse.” Both are so true. The video you’re about to see is Lauren Boebert and her boyfriend engaged in foreplay, to put it bluntly. Foreplay in a 3,000 seat theater which is packed, strikes me as a bit odd, but in Bobo’s world, anything goes. And the next thing to go may be her congressional seat, dear God, let it happen. Here is Colorado’s Representative from the Third District. (top clip)

If this is Christian behavior, you wouldn’t know it by me. And as to the family values things, I don’t know if it’s doing her four kids any good to see mom being fondled on the TV news by some guy besides their father. This is why they got booted out, the noise, the photographing, the inappropriate sexual behavior and the vaping. And along with the vaping came the insulting of the pregnant woman, calling her a “sad, miserable person” — followed by flipping off the usher.

Now what I’m going to say next will perhaps reflect my age. Maybe values have changed since I was 34 or 48, which is the age of these two characters, but no guy that respects a woman is going to start that crap in a crowded theater. You just don’t grab your girlfriend’s breast in public, if you’re in a relationship of substance. The fact that he’s doing that shows not only where his head is at, but how he feels about his date.

And no woman in that situation is then going to turn and start fondling the guy’s crotch in public. This tells me everything I need to know about how serious this relationship is. And again — maybe I’m imposing arcane values on the situation but I don’t think so, because some things never change.  Since we left the Garden of Eden, I’m willing to bet that there have been real relationships between men and women and tawdry, exploitational relationships and that will be the case as long as the species endures. I think that’s human nature.

And need I say, if this were AOC or any Democratic representative, oh my God, how it would be hitting the fan. Fox News would be four-walling this, 24/7, in all its markets. Calls for censure, recall elections, you name it would be screaming from the headlines.

And Boebert is not in a safe district like the other Freedom Caucus flying monkeys. She held on to her seat by a paltry 546 votes last time. She may have lost that margin and more, just in the past week that this story has been developing.

I can’t wait for Boebert to start preaching morality the next time, about drag queens and LBGTQ people being the destruction of morality in this country when she’s been caught on camera publicly acting like a slut — again, putting it bluntly.

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  1. I was in elementary school in the ’60s so too young to fully grasp the hippie/flower power zeitgeist. I was in high school when Roe v Wade was decided. Social and sexual mores have changed over the ensuing decades, but no self-respecting woman then or now would allow herself to be mauled in public. That display is only appropriate on the set of an adult video, not during a musical theater production. She truly is the poster child for “White Trash.”

    • It’s human nature. A guy who respects a woman doesn’t start doing that in public. And a couple in a relationship of substance don’t start doing that in public. That’s trashy behavior. Their rapport is trashy and sex based. And there’s no problem with that. A lot of relationships are like that. Just get a room, and don’t make a theater seat your bed. Jesus.

      • And recall she felt required to Inform the world that she had not been unfaithful after hubby filed for divorce. How long does it take to get a divorce in Colorado? Either the ink is still wet on the decree or she is still.legally married. MTG is in a similar state. So.much for these staunch Christians defending the world against trans people and drag queens…

  2. Ursula, being old school about anything is a right you have earned … What incinerates my brain cells, (the few I still have left), any time I was on a job site, being careful about language personal appearance and respect for the local company employees, getting along with the local office personnel, HAD to be a priority, because, by being on the job there, I was representing MY company, who would be upset by a fool making them look bad in anyway …

    Let’s see, working for the US Congress on a worldwide stage for ALL to see, WELL, maybe it’s alright if you are a, “stinkin’ Republican”, maybe the class of our Congress Critters has sunk to new lows?

    • I don’t even think I’m being old school here. I really believe human nature is human nature throughout the ages. There are relationships of depth and substance and there are relationships which are primarily carnal. And that’s fine. I’ve been in enough of the latter myself. But when I was in something like that, I didn’t make a public place my bedroom.

      As to what you say, representing your company, point taken. Boebert is literally the congressional representative of CO-3. And she acts like a slut in public. I’ll bet even Trump is laughing at this.

      • You aren’t being old school. Respect for a date hasn’t changed in the past, oh, 50-60 years. One treats prostitutes the way these two treated each other. Even high-class call girls would not allow their clients to act in such a manner in public because it reeks of disrespect–even for/to them.

  3. The phrase ‘she’s just a piece of ass’ comes to mind. Of course after the actual act…what the phuck can you talk about with these talking boobs? The latest conspiracy theory? Every man has found himself lying next to someone that seemed ‘right’ as their hard on kept proclaiming, only to have the blood rush back to his brain, feverishly trying to come up with a plan for a graceful exit. Of course she may be the ‘smart’ one. Oh brother!

    • This brings to mind a guy I briefly dated. He was a very good looking guy. He painted houses (for real — not a euphemism for being a hit man) and was originally from a farm in Wisconsin. He was also dumb as a fucking rock. We had great sex, no complaints there. But that was IT! Believe me, it’s not just a guy who wakes up to some dumb broad he can’t talk to, that gate swings both ways.

      When we’re teenagers and looks and sex appeal are so important we think if that’s there, everything’s there. For kids that’s normal. But as adults, if you can’t talk to somebody, if there’s no real mental or emotional connection, the sex isn’t going to keep it going.

      I think in Boebert’s case, yes, she’s a piece of ass and she’s a star — for now. But when she gets voted out, she’ll be a has-been and we’ll see who’s hanging around then. If this sounds cold, hey, this is MAGA politics. She’s got as much business being a lawmaker as I have running the space program.



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