Republican Representative Jim Jordan appeared on numerous right-wing news outlets on the days leading up to the Capitol Hill riots whipping Trump supporters into a frenzy by repeating the Big Lie that the 2020 election had been “stolen” because decidedly not “fraudulent” votes had been counted. On the morning of the riot he texted White House Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows urging him to instruct Vice President Pence to throw out the votes democratically elected Biden electors so that Trump might prevail in the Electoral College vote and subvert American Democracy. Cassidy Hutchinson, Meadows’ number one aide, testified to the January 6th Committee that Jordan had extensive knowledge of Trump’s machinations, and Jordan himself has defied a subpoena to appear to testify before that committee for 500 days.

And yet a PBS reporter seems shocked when Democratic Whip Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, the number two Democrat in the House, calls out Jordan as an insurrectionist.

I can’t find video of the interaction, but below is some reporting on it:

“Democrats are standing firm in their refusal to bail out the House Republican majority as it struggles to elect a new speaker 10 days after booting Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

They’re also dialing up the rhetoric against the GOP’s new nominee for speaker, prominent Donald Trump ally Jim Jordan of Ohio, blasting him as an insurrectionist, election denier and extremist.

“House Republicans have selected as their nominee to be the speaker of the people’s House the chairman of the chaos caucus, a defender in a dangerous way of dysfunction, and an extremist extraordinaire,” House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., said Friday on the steps of the Capitol, flanked by dozen of Democratic lawmakers. “His focus has been on peddling lies and conspiracy theories and driving division amongst the American people.”

House Minority Whip Katherine Clark, D-Mass., labeled Jordan an “insurrectionist” and said he would be on a glide path to becoming speaker if not for the unified opposition of Democrats.

“He was directly involved in the right-wing coup that sought to overturn the 2020 election,” she said, referring to Jordan and the 147 congressional Republicans who objected to certifying presidential election results on Jan. 6, 2021.

“Every Republican who cast their vote for him is siding with an insurrectionist against our democracy,” Clark said.“

And here is the Tweet of the PBS reporter, Lisa Desjardins, recounting Clark’s remarks and asking what “specific evidence and logic” she had for calling a kettle black.

Her tweet got over 2,000 incredulous responses:

Apparently not.

Well, Kim, Lisa doesn’t get out much.

💯 💯 💯


Yes, yes she did.

Tell it like it is, Liz.

It is telling that a PBS reporter is so completely ignorant of Jordan’s involvement in the coup that she asks a democratic lawmaker to explain to her what she should already know.

And the rest of the press continues to report on the battle for the Speakership as if it is just business as usual.

We can only point out this madness and hope that the sizable group of GOP representatives who have no desire to give Trump the keys to the House and place themselves in his pocket continue to oppose Jordan.

The future of our nation, and quite possibly the Republican Party, is in their hands.

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    • She only knows how to ‘bothsides’ things. She doesn’t remember that she should report the facts. As Ursula put recently …

      “Journalism is not reporting that one side says it’s raining and one side says it’s dry, (and reporting on the ‘wetness controversy’ discussion.) Journalism is looking out the window and describing the weather.”

      It seems that the rot has reached PBS formerly the reliable source.

  1. KEEP SCREAMING THE TRUTH! It’s the only way out of this mess. The Germans embraced a death cult and reduced their country TO RUBBLE. He’s a traitor as are the 147 members of Congress who stood with trump!! Phuck all of them. If this was 1941-1945, there’d be no arguing about them. They’d either be killed or captured. FACT!!!! AMERICA GET YOUR COLLECTIVE HEADS OUT OF YOUR COLLECTIVE ARSES! We’re running out of time.

  2. The entire GOP should be run out of town. If trump loses in CO we should go after the rest of the traitors. It is about time these fascists are shown what the Constitution is really all about.

  3. I call BS…..We ALL saw the video’s & listened/heard the lies of this RW Trump SHILL! Corp’ 1% RW owned Media insist on, ignoring the FACTS & insulting our intelligence!

  4. The most shocking bit of this? From the Wiki page on Ms Desjardins:

    “Desjardins was inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, covering the counting and certification of the 2020 Presidential Electoral College votes when the building was attacked by violent mobs. Despite being assaulted by a rioter, she continued reporting live throughout the attack and was evacuated alongside members of Congress and staffers to the Longworth House Office Building. Later that evening, Desjardins returned to cover the delayed certification process and remained in the Capitol until 3:45 AM the following morning. In 2022, PBS NewsHour received a Peabody Award for its January 6 reporting, with Desjardins the only reporter broadcasting live from the Capitol outside of the area under lockdown. Desjardins is a moron.”

    (Had to check the editing history. Apparently that last sentence was just recently added. The editing timestamp is listed as “17:26, 14 October 2023”; I’m guessing the hour listed would be UTC, meaning about 30 minutes ago. I’m on CDT and the current time is 12:55 pm and CDT is equivalent to EST; the time conversion means the edit was done at 12:26 pm CDT.)

  5. Time and again, the GOP as a dysfunctional accident of Nature, has worked their huge conspiracy to gain total control of every State’s local government, The House AND the Senate, even the voter’s choices for top positions of our cherished Government System …

    The fall down the stairs we see Trump heading for is virtually around the corner … There is NO other result available to Trump now, he has certainly earned 20 years in Prison, especially since he ignores the slate of orders as delivered by Judges and AG’s who have reams of evidence and sworn under oath first person witnesses …

    In other words, all the GOP lizards, (like Gym Jordon), who have been stalwart supporters and enablers of Trump will in-kind be just as guilty of insurrection as Trump himself …

    Maybe, since they were just mouthpieces for Trump, their sentences could be just 10 or 15 years, most of them will pass away before Trump hits 20, It has been hell for our Constitution, but the test period is over, these cretins need to pay for their crimes against our democracy, one of the darkest periods, EVER in the history of our United States, now suffering so much separation from reality, book banning, controlling women’s bodies from outside their Doctor’s offices by people totally unqualified to do so …

    It has become SO obvious their, (The Republicans), journey through daily life does NOT include safety and security, health care or any of those other things that should be standard for all Citizens … After all, they cannot put more money in their own pockets, and would have to have reasonable across-the-aisle agreements and cooperation instead of all the behind closed doors stunts they have been planning and executing …

  6. I guess I just don’t see the “wow” factor here. Jeffries called it like it is/was/will be forever with gym bag-he is an insurrectionist. How on earth someone on PBS would be in any way shocked by this “newsflash” that actually isn’t is more of a “wow” factor. Like “wow” what is this person doing interviewing anyone but especially on PBS?

  7. I believe Mr. Jackson’s first sentence–Keep Screaming The Truth.
    Jordan is a disgrace and a traitor.
    This diminutive little man, with minimal intellect, has to portray himself as a loud, arrogant, macho bully, but he tries, unsuccessfully, to disguise his consistent inadequacy.

    I’ve seen this insignificant little guy behavior before– proving he is way-over-his-head, trying to be the strong masculine leader he is not.


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