When Australia’s cardboard box kingpin Anthony Pratt traveled to Mar-A-Lago in the spring of 2021, he most likely anticipated the fact that from the endless stream of moronic prattle that would doubtless issue from the Orangeutan’s ever open piehole -in an attempt to play big shot to someone far more wealthy then himself- there might be a confidential nugget or two he could carry back to his mates down under.

Why else would he meet with the biggest loser some three months after Joe Biden unceremoniously kicked him out of D.C.?

After all, some two years before, when Pratt met with drumpf in the White House, drumpf had disclosed, before any media reports had been put out, that he had bombed Iraq to kill Iran’s Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani.

And Pratt was proven right, because during the sit-down drumpf revealed to him classified info regarding our nuclear submarine fleet, the fact that as bad as it was, his “perfect call” with Ukraine’s President Zalenskyy begging for dirt on Joe Biden was only the tip of the iceberg and that he had done a lot worse.

But the headline today is that after drumpf was made aware of Pratt going on Sixty Minutes Australia to disclose the nature of his visits with Trump, the king of self delusion who has absolutely no self-awareness at all, took to Truth Social to call him a liar and “a red haired weirdo”…

Raw Story

“Donald Trump ended his evening with two major rants on Truth Social, but one triggered by a bombshell New York Times report.

Among the allegations are that Trump told Pratt nuclear submarine secrets over dinner. The information is so top secret that even the president isn’t capable of declassifying it. Pratt then told about 45 people about the conversation. Still, Trump says it’s all “fake news,” and further, he blames Special Counsel Jack Smith and President Joe Biden for “leaking” the information.

“The Failing New York Times story, leaked by Deranged Jack Smith and the Biden ‘Political Opponent Abuser’ DOJ, about a red haired (sic) weirdo from Australia, named Anthony Pratt, is Fake News (sic),” Trump posted on his personal social media site.”

Wow. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Ron Filipowski posted about this on Twitter, much to his follower’s bemusement:



That’s coming.

💯 💯 💯

They outlasted his *Residency.

And many of us would like to help him with that…

…maybe he can get mental healthcare there.

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  1. Sorry to nit pick, but in the first paragraph, I think you meant to say 2021 instead of 1921. This is a great commentary, as usual. Pratt is now a weirdo, after tRump praised him for being a great business man.

  2. The sub intel really gets to me. The secrecy when it comes to our submarine operations is incredible – for good reason of course. Long ago in what seems like another life when I was on active duty in the Marines I wound up stationed at Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA. HQMC in those days was across the street at the Navy Annex and the Pentagon was down the hill from us. The Dept. of the Navy (of which the Marines are part) wanted armed grunts to provide some force (should it be needed) for the Navy Command Center (where guard was posted 24/7) as well as respond to the CNO and SecNav offices out on the E-Ring.

    I got to know some of the “bubbleheads”(submariners) in those days. And at times was inside the Command Center itself. One wall was dominated by what was called the “Flag Plot”, a huge map of the world that included a lot of information but most important the location of every ship in the Navy. SURFACE ships that is. Keep in mind that those who served as “Duty Captain” as well as everyone who worked in there had Top Secret Clearance and more often than not also had SCI/SAP designations as well. But within the Command Center was a smaller room – for the Submarine folks. In fact, inside the door was a screen that was tall enough and extended both directions sideways so no one in the hall could see anything inside when someone was going in and out of the freaking door!

    It was in THERE where there was another world map, one that indicated where every submarine was! It was so secret not even the Duty Captains were allowed in, nor were most Admirals who might be in the Command Center and there were always some going in and out, especially on weekday mornings for the 0800 daily brief, and of course special briefings when stuff was going down in the world on a weekend and all the high-domes needed to be in the loop.

    So yeah, blabbing about sub stuff puts lives at risk. Trump should be in prison. Anyone else would be.

  3. Merrick Garland and the judges in this country have done more to damage the integrity and reputation of the legal system than ALL the mobsters that have ever walked the earth! FACT. They prove daily there ARE two systems of ‘justice’…one for the poor, where you sit in jail for laws that have no merit or because you are guilty of nothing proven but have no money…and the other that allows you to break every known law and still piss on the judges’ heads. FACT. Oh…and to perpetuate the national LIE…they have the goddamn gall to talk equal justice under law. Propaganda by the rich and powerful.


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