Donald Trump’s criminal trial, we should say his *first* criminal trial, makes a statement not only about him as a human being but about the political party he sits atop and has straddled with his floofy sprayed hair and orange makeup for the past eight years. That party has gone through an immense amount of changes and it will go through more. So will we, collectively, as a culture. This is a brutal time in our history. But at least we can laugh and Lincoln Project has another episode of This Week In The Republican Party for your enjoyment. These mini epics are getting better and better simply because the material to choose from keeps getting crazier and crazier. You Can’t Make This Up.

Absolutely, let’s let first cousins marry one another. That’s the most proactive idea towards the expansion and perpetuation of MAGA that anyone has come up with yet. Bravo.

As to Trump’s bone spurs, it would not cause me to bat an eyelash. I tend to think that Justice Merchan would want a doctor’s certificate, if not a panel of doctors, and probably Trump’s family physician would not be included. The likes of Dr. Feelgood Ronny Jackson, after all, would testify that Trump will live to be 200, because of his svelte 6’3″ 215 lb. frame and his vigor.

What’s that you say? He can’t stay awake in court, even when he says he’s freezing? Hey, that’s *vigor* Trump style. The word had a different connotation altogether when JFK used to talk about it in the 60’s. Applied to Trump, something substantial gets lost in translation.

Here’s another jewel from Lincoln Project “sitting is the new waterboarding.” Does the CIA know about this?

And poor Donald has another problem. Have you seen the results of the Pennsylvania primary? 38% voted for Nikki Haley, last time I checked. If Trump punts, she’s it. Even if Trump doesn’t punt, this is a glaring beacon that a substantial number of Republicans do not want him atop their ticket.

Why vote for Haley when she’s not even on the ballot any longer except to send a signal to Trump? As Rick Wilson put it earlier tonight, “Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles are not liking what they see AT ALL.” It’s called The Handwriting On The Wall.

One can surmise that one reason for the anti-Trump statement is because the trial is having an effect. The theory, as well you know, was that Trump was going to be the martyr and the sympathy and/or outrage generated by the trial would rally the country behind him.

Perhaps that will be the case. But one thing we can say definitively and that is: it’s not the case tonight in Pennsylvania. That much you can take to the bank.

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  1. Once upon a time I played golf regularly. Walking 18 holes carrying your own bag is exercise. Even walking 18 using a pull cart for you bag is exercise. Riding in a cart to play a round? NOT exercise. Especially if someone owns the course and their fat ass is SO lazy they drive their carts onto the tees and the greens to save walking five or ten extra yards! (If you don’t know driving a cart onto those areas is a HUGE no-no. It gets you kicked out of the group with a “carry your bag back to the clubhouse asshole!” or if a Marshal sees it or it gets reported to them kicked off the grounds. It’s the kind of thing a club will kick someone out over. But TRUMP does it because he plays on courses he owns. The damage it causes, especially to the greens? Well, he cheats like hell and if nothing else it gives him an excuse to claim the damage is “unfair” so he gets the putt given to him!

  2. Trump’s trouble at his trial is that they keep showing evidence of his crimes and how they were committed.

    If they didn’t do that, he’d be fine.

  3. “We’re gonna whine so much, you may even get tired of whining. And you’ll say, ‘Please, please. It’s too much whining.



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