You know, if this shit keeps up, Florida Governor Ron Pissantis may want to start wearing a shoe rag instead of a necktie, so he can give his shoe a quick buff when he sticks it in his mouth. And maybe a swimming cap on his head so he can keep his hair neat and clean when he sticks his head up his ass.

As I wrote earlier today, the Florida senate passed a bill designed to strip the Disney corporation of its more than 50 year old status as a Special Development Zone. If Pissantis signs it, Disney would literally lose billions by having to follow the normal state and county dog-and-pony show that other companies do for their sprawling complex.

Pissantis is doing this to punish Disney for daring to come out and slam his homophobic Don’t Say Gay law. So he is soothing his delicate snowflake fee-fees by taking it out on Disney. But once again it’s a prime example of Pissantis thinking with the little head. In other words, a dick move.

But Pissantis is making a giant miscalculation, and one that could dearly cost not only him, but his party in November. His first mistake is how he’s branding this. When Disney first spoke out, Pissantis angrily took to the stage and swore he’d rather die than have California corporate overlords dictate Florida laws. Really? That’s your best shot? Considering that Disney World is in Florida, and most ordinary people are much more likely to associate the word Disney with Disney World, and not Disneyland, it was a lame aqss shot, and he knew it.

Time for hardball, and not with Chris Matthews. Now Pissantis has his minions and flunkies, even his corporate overlords at FUX News slandering Disney’s name and reputation. The entire FUX News primetime lineup of Goebbels wanna-bes are branding the entire Disney corporation as a bunch of liberal pedophiles, who use their products and influence to groom children for sexual exploitation. Mama Gump nailed FUX News the first time out, Stupid is as stupid does. Shit, FUX hasn’t even settled their $1.2 billion Dominion voting machine suit yet, and they’re dipping into the same well again?

But here’s the rub. Disney is by far and away the single largest private employer in Florida, and many other places derive some of their income off of the Disney name and products. But neither Pissantis nor FUX News is fine tuning the message to the california corporate overlords. Instead, they’re gleefully smearing the entire company, and all of its workers with the same shit brush.

I’ve never spoken to anyone who worked for Disney that trashed the place. And I can’t remember the last time I saw news about a safety or harassment complaint being filed against the company by employees. It seems to be a pretty good employer. But how do you think when a Disney employee gets asked this question at soccer practice? So, who do you work for? I’m a digital artist for Disney. Shit Molly! Grab the kids, this is one of those pedphiles we keep hearing about on the news! I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I kind of get the feeling that a lot of Disney employees are going to take this kind of personally. And election day is only 200 days away. Don’t forget to vote GOP y’all!

But here’s a more subliminal fuck up that could be even more devastating for Pissantis and the Florida GOP. In its initial announcement condemning the law, Disney said something that struck me as coded but serious. They said; Disney is committed to doing everything in its power to overturn the law, either in the courts, or through a legislative repeal of the law. The first one is obvious, Disney will assist any way possible in any civil suits to overturn the law in the courts.

The second part is the coded part, but no politician needs a secret decoder ring. When they said or through a legislative repeal, the meaning was as clear as a church bell. Being the largest employer in Florida, obviously Disney is free and generous with its political contributions. Hell, Pissantis himself got $50,000 from Disney in his 2018 campaign. But their threat is cear, Don’t even bother coming sniffing around for a political contribution as long as this piece of shit law is on the books.

The election is 200 days away. The entire Florida state legislature, and probably about half of the state Senate is going to be on the ballot. Hell, Pissantis himself is on the ballot, and he needs the win to remain viable for 2024. But guess who else is on the ballot. The entire Florida US House delegation, as well as Li’l Marco Rubio. Why not cut them off too, make them put pressure on the state legislature to overturn the law before the funski valve gets turned back on?

But because we’re talking about the ideological mongoloids of the GOP, things can always get worse. If I’m right, Disney donations to Florida candidates is already off the table. But what if they go nationally? Tell the RNC that the Disney cash station is out of service as long as the Florida law is still on the books. But since Pissantis is as dumb as a rock, and nowhere near as cute as a pet rock, I don’t see him folding, it would make him look weak.

If so, why wouldn’t Disney switch gears and start supporting Democratic candidates in Florida? Disney has no loyalty to the GOP, it’s purely business, and personal if Desantis signs that law stripping them of their bennie. After all, if you can’t get what you want with the current knotheads, then Out with the old, and in with the new! That’s how corporate America thinks.

With this debacle, Pissantis is exposing the problem for the entire GOP writ large. They are so wedded to their culture wars and their idiot base, which isn’t enough to win elections, that they keep stepping on their crank, and offending the very voters they desperately need to come out and vote for them in November. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Because of the current Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Disney had ALREADY shut off the political contributions spigot for appearance’s sake. Impossible though this may be to believe, Chapek screwed up even WORSE than DeathSantis in his tone-deaf attempts to stay out of the political fray. One employee revolt later, Chapek was forced to eat shit in public, followed by the cutoff of all campaign contributions.

    I’ll bet you, Murf, that cut off is part of what DeathSantis in such a snit. And like you say, this dumbass governor goes through with the bill, dump trucks of money will magically materialize to give Florida a new state government that will be more friendly. Wesley Snipes said it best in Blade II: “You obviously do not know who YOU ARE F***ING WITH!”

    • You know, as a special development zone Disney has been taking care of its infrastructure and all that. Remove this designation and doesn’t Florida/the country/Orlando have to do all of this? That is not going to be cheap and I’m pretty fucking sure the state does not take in enough biz taxes to make up what will be needed-the upkeep of infrastructure costs and people get REAL fucking nasty when it is neglected especially the touristas. Has any of the fuckwads in that shithole of a state thought of this? I must be missing something but this one thing did jump out at me when the pissant went in this direction. More to the point, let’s say this dumbass move of the pissant has its desired effect–does any of the G.Q.P. pols down there think that the only money the Disney Corp. makes is from that theme park? Last time I looked they had their fingers in many, many pies and D.W. is a small pie now.

      These idiots do not think shit through…..oh, yeah, they’re the G.Q.P.

        • Now here is one thing I thought of and did not credit the Florida pols with having the cranial capacity to think of: Disney will get out of paying for all infrastructure upkeep and the costs will be put on the taxpayers of whatever city or county will become responsible. Now why I would think republicans would not think of a way to screw taxpayers (i.e. not the wealthy or corporations mind you), well, I guess I wasn’t thinking criminally enough.

          Disney does come off the winner here, what a surprise right? I just have a hard time believing people with the brains the size of your average walnut, and heat shrunken walnuts at that, could come up with something like this. Probably was an accident but still…..

          • Actually this will cause all manner of problems for Disney. In the current setup they don’t have to go to the local/county governments to get approval for all manner of stuff like new buildings/fixed structures, roads, water and sewer improvements – the list goes on. Having once been in charge of a mere five million dollar Capital Improvement Program and prior to that having been groomed for a cemetery management position with a corporation that had to get County approval for development, including additional clearance for permitting to build already approved items I can assure you something the size and scope of Disney World which has its own department for this shit is a true nightmare. The practical aspects of transferring taxing authority alone could take years and fuck up both Disney and local jurisdictions. The locals will face the difficult choice of massively expanding their payrolls for all the maintenance/upkeep of essential services like roads, water & sewer, utilities and so on (no doubt hiring former Disney employees) which is NEVER something that goes over well with local voters, or contracting it out to Disney which due to the additional administrative costs will still cause a massive increase in local government budgets.

            Disney has a TON of resources invested in their FL operation – makes the original Disneyland out in CA look puny. It would be a lot to walk away from and that’s probably what DeSantis and the FL GOP is counting on. However I suspect they are already crunching numbers on doing so – starting over somewhere else and if they were to say move over a state line, even into another southern state my bet is that they’d be welcomed with open arms and given a hundred year lease with the same type of authority FL is stripping from them. Hell, they might even partially finance a brand new internationa airport and rail stop for carriers transporting a certain percentage of Disney visitors.
            I freely admit I don’t know FL. Hell, I’ve never once set foot in that state. I don’t know how this will go over, especially when the cluster-fuck that’s coming actually impacts not just the Counties around Disney but blows a hole in the state budget. DeSantis thinks he will be President by 2024 when the full enormity of this totally man-made disaster becomes fully apparent so he will have no fucks to give. But there will be plenty of GOP politicians who voted for it still wanting to stay in office and while they are drunk with power right now the impending hangover will likely prove fatal to many a political career. Especially when those masses of upscale retirees (who are mostly Republican) in The Villages see the impact on not just the services “out in town” but the impacts on their own gated communities which count on a LOT of support from local governments to make their retirement so comfy. And their costs to maintain their communities shoot through the roof!

            Right now the FL GOP is acting like the idiot who didn’t win the grand lotto jackpot but a smaller, say million dollar prize and goes running through the workplace creating an epic “I hate the boss, I hate this place and all of you so kiss my ass!” because they think they are rich, only to find out that FIVE OR SIX OTHER PEOPLE played the same numbers and they can’t afford to retire after all. And because of the scene they created they can’t go back to their own job and no one else (because in this day and age it would go viral) will hire them either.

  2. Disney puts a couple of billion a year into the Florida economy, and a lot of people go there for nothing else. That money funds a lot of the nice stuff they like to have (like paved roads and sewer systems).
    (It was also pointed out elseweb that the law somehow doesn’t affect the special districts that make up the Villages.)

    • Just look at Nevada. We have no state income taxes, nor do we have school fees, that’s all paid for by the gambling revenue the state generates…

  3. Colorado has offered to relocate the theme park. What exactly was Orlando before Disney? Farms & swamp. Yeah that’ll have visitors flying in to the #1 tourist theme park in the world. Come see Orlando post Disney & feed the free range alligators. Bound to be a hit.

    • Actually, it was just swamp, period. The whole damn state is one big, overheated bog that is well on its way to being swallowed by the ocean. Hell, assuming a sane state government takes residence there after 2022, Disney could pull up stakes and just go to Georgia. They already do a lot of filmmaking there and the state has a history of theme parks.

  4. You know what else Disney could do?

    Buy up Fox “News.”

    I mean, the Disney-Fox deal a couple of years ago didn’t include the divisions that were reorganized as “Fox Corporation” (Fox Broadcasting, Fox News Media, Fox Sports) and Disney “only” paid $71 billion for the stuff it DID get. I can’t imagine “Fox Corporation” has a value remotely close to $71 billion.

    Disney buys up “Fox Corporation” and “retools” the “news” division so that it’s actually a REAL news operation, or just shut down the whole operation and let the talking heads see which of the other “conservative” networks is willing to pay their overpriced rates (I seriously doubt Newsmax or any of the others is going to be able to afford Hannity and Tuck-Tuck and Ingraham at their current rates and I don’t imagine any of them is going to take a pay cut just to keep their TV shows).


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