Just your U.S. Capitol Police enroute to protect SCOTUS at 10 AM this morning…

At first, no snark, looking just at the still, I thought maybe this was shot in Indonesia or Myanmar, or some place like that, then I saw the Capitol in the background and thought maybe they were filming a new

Judge Dredd movie, so I started the video to see if I could spot Stallone (o.k. that was snark) but no, it was the U.S. Capitol police, rocking more studs than forty-eleven leather Edwardian Settees, on their way to protect SCOTUS Gone Wild!


And I was not alone in my assessment of the situation:

Correct, Matthew,but there are battalions in Ukraine with less gear.

Fuck if I know Jacqiue…

Wonder where the snipers are perched?

How many divisions they gonna need when that happens?


Welcome to Oceania folks.

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