Thank God that hindsight is 20/20, because that’s the only perfect vision I have. But even with the clunky vision I have now, I can clearly see that we all misunderstood and misinterpreted the serious brain rot that had taken hold in the House GOP. And in doing so, underestimated the danger.

From the day that Traitor tot gave his racist, sexist, hate filled announcement of his presidential run, it was clear to anybody with 12 functioning brain cells that this was as crazy as a shithouse rat. And so did everybody else, because in the early running, sane GOP candidates and incumbents, especially Trump opponents in the presidential primaries, took great glee in heaping scorn and ridicule on The Cheeto Prophet. So they knew.

But when it became apparent that this overblown poltroon was about to become the party’s standard bearer, a shift was in order. Trump, through his refusal to sign a pledge to support the primary winner, and ceaseless threats to take his MAGA base and run an independent campaign made it perfectly clear. My way or the highway! And so GOP incumbents and candidates had to toe the line, and start spouting this insane nonsense.

Which is where we went wrong, but it wasn’t really our fault. As bovine type compliance with Trumpenstein’s blathering nonsense increased, media outlets kept reportng about how, in private conversations off the record, GOP incumbents were scornful of Trump, and the nonsense he was forcing them to spout, and wished he’d fall under a bus. That was a soothing balm for our souls. So they didn’t actually believe it, they were just playing along for political purposes. It was all just a GOP con to not rock the boat.

Which turned out to be pure, unadulterated bullshit. The kind of people who were taking to the airwaves to throw racist, insane Q-Anon red meat to their base are not the kind of people who are going to talk to the Washington Post, the New York Times, or Newsweek. Those kinds of people were far more likely to talk to NewsMax, or Infowars, or OAN. Which everyone just considered more pampering to the far-right base. But it wasn’t. They were dead serious. Just keep in mind that, hours after the Capitol Riot insurrectionists were ousted from the Capitol, 147 GOP incumbents took to the floor of the US House and Senate to vote in agreement with the insurrectionists! 

Early today the website Talking Points Memo, more commonly known as TPM, released a tranche of text messages that they somehow obtained that were turned over by Mark Meadows to the J6 committee before he decided to rabbit. And what was stunning in this dump of text messages is just how many HOP House members were getting into Meadows with requests and suggestions on how to keep Trump in power.

All in all, there were at least 74 different GOP House members who communicated with Meadows between the day the election was called, and inauguration day, all with desperate cockamamie schemes to keep His Lowness in power. I don’t have the room, nor the stomach to spew out all of them, but here is a representative sample:

  • One GOP wet noodle sent Meadows a link to a far right scumsite showing how GOP state legislatures could name separate slates of GOP electors to throw the election to Trump
  • Another GOP House bottom feeder sent Meadows a link to another even farther right scumsite, claiming that Italian intelligence satellites had changed the votes from Trump to Biden in multiple swing states
  • Another GOP House misfit toy sent Meadows a copy of an article from some far-right cesspool, claiming that the Chinese had actually purchased the Dominion voting machine company for $400 million, and skewed the election to Biden
  • Here’s my favorite. On January 17th, 11 days after the insurrection, and 3 days before the inauguration, one desperate GOP House bedwetter begged Meadows to convince The Trumpster Fire that his only option was to declare martial law to keep Trump in power. A typical Trumpkin, the asshole actually spelled it Marshall law

Yeah, I know, it’s pathetic. And it’s also the exact same kind of lame bullshit we’ve been hearing from desperate Trumpaholics since he lost. But there’s a critical difference here that too many people haven’t tipped to yet that makes the wicket sticky.

These shit for brains weren’t talking to the media, far right or otherwise. They were texting privately to the White House Chief of Staff, on what they thought was a secure and private channel. They had no desire for these texts to be made public, they were personal and private. Which can mean only one of two things. Either these shitheels are so far gone into the FUX News bubblesphere that they actually believe this drivel, or they honestly believed that Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was so far gone into the fevered swamp that they felt they had to feed him this shit to try to keep Trump in power.

That’s the story folks. There were 149 of these seditionist traitors who took to the House floor and voted in support of the Capitol rioters. And according to TPM, there are 74 of them are so delusional that they’re sending the White House Chief of Stagg insane conspiracy theories to keep Trump in power. And now they’re about to become the governing party of the United States House of Representatives. How fucked up is that? Which Makes the Democrats job for the next 2 years crystal clear, push progressive legislation, and shine a white-hot spotlight on the insane mentality of the House GOP. The 2024 clock is already ticking.

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  1. If I remember correctly the final count for the GOP in the House is 222. 147 Seditionists voted to stop the certification/prevent Biden from taking office. That means a full two-thirds of the U.S. House of Representatives are fucking seditionists. You know what? These asshats shouldn’t even bother taking the Oath of Office on Jan. 3! It’s not like they’d actually mean it. They will of course piously hold their scuzzy hands on their bibles and not mean one fucking bit of it. If ANY of them were honest instead they’d swear “That I will be true faith and allegiance to Donald Trump, that I will do whatever he says and defend him no matter what.” THEN I would believe they were telling the truth. If I were Democrats I’d slip into the GOP caucus room the night before and make a big pyramid of toilet paper printed with various parts of the Constitution on each sheet. And leave a note – “For all of you because it’s clear this is all you believe the Constitution is good for!”

  2. Here’s the real question to ask, Murf: how many of these jokers are going to get charged next year? Lest we forget, a lot of this crew ALREADY had international ties that also linked back to Trump. It may well be more than just the latter who gets charged with espionage. And bonus points, that’ll also make their joke of a House “majority” go poof.

    Bottom line: we’re getting this info because some heavy charges are coming later.

  3. The ‘pubes increased their side in the house. Granted, it was a small increase but it still means there will be more ‘pubes in the House than there were before the mid-terms. We haven’t really dodged any bullets here folks. Enough people in enough house districts did not see insurrection/sedition as a deal-breaker. We may very well be past the point of being able to save our nation from autocratic rule (and it will be a theocratic autocracy–we know this).

    • Autocratic/Autocracy RULE OF ONE l Long definition: a country or nation that is governed by a single person with unlimited power l Examples of autocratic governments l Dictatorship l Absolute Monarchy l Theocracy

    • They increased those margins by pretending J6 didn’t happen at all, the Youngkin model of getting elected. Anyone was dodging bullets, it was them. And guess what? DOJ might still zero them out anyway if they WERE participants.


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