There’s a big exclusive in the Sun today, about the dust up between Donald Trump and Piers Morgan. Morgan is starting a new show, Trump was intended to be the first interview. I guess they got enough on tape to actually show for the debut and this dust up may generate more ratings. And if you are Piers Morgan or Donald Trump, that’s all you want, right?

Morgan was Trump’s first Celebrity Apprentice so they go back quite a ways. Nigel Farange sent Trump a list of nasty things Morgan said about Trump and so Trump canceled the interview at Mar-a-Lago at the last minute. Then Morgan went upstairs to talk to pouty Trumpty and praise him on his hole-in-one and that was the bait that brought downstairs. Two points for Morgan on how to control a sulky child.

But it will went south. This is only :30. It’s a good tease for the show if you haven’t had your fill of watching Donald Trump make a flaming ass out of himself.

If you want to read about the fight, here’s the link to the Sun.

I told him I believe he lost the supposedly ‘rigged, stolen’ election, I repeatedly pointed out his failure to produce any evidence of the widespread voter fraud he insists occurred to rob him of his presidency, and I blamed his refusal to admit defeat for the deadly riots at the Capitol.

‘Then you’re a FOOL!’ he sneered. ‘And you haven’t studied!’

He was back to the furious Trump he’d been in his office and branded me a fool six more times, in between calling Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell ‘stupid’, and his former vice-president Mike Pence ‘foolish and weak.’

Our collective crime was that none of us agree he had the election stolen. […]

Incensed Trump tried to end things by declaring ‘That’s it!’ before I reminded him that we hadn’t discussed his hole-in-one, which he then sat down again and did – briefly – before abruptly jumping to his feet, looking hateful, and barking at the shocked crew: ‘TURN THE CAMERAS OFF!’

Then he turned on his heels, and sloped angrily off through a side door, loudly muttering ‘SO dishonest…’

It wasn’t a rhetorical observation.

Apparently, he was later heard denouncing me as ‘scumbag’ and saying he wished he’d never done the interview.

But I thought it was the best one we’ve ever done together, and all the tension created by the damning document he was given gave it a crackle and energy that makes for compelling television.

As for who sent him the document in the first place, Trump told me it came from London and gave it to me to ‘keep as souvenir of your treachery.’

Mysteriously, it contains two random, very positive comparative quotes from British politician Nigel Farage who now works as a presenter for my rival UK network GB News.

Oh, and by an extraordinary coincidence, Farage happened to have dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago on April 8, just three days before I was there.

You don’t need to be a rigged election conspiracy theorist to work out who probably sent it.

If I stumble across a clip, I’ll post it here, but I’m not sure it’s worth chasing down. Again, it’s Trump megaphoning his big lie, like he does every rally. It does get old.

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  1. “Let it snow let it snow let it snow!” The biggest snowflake can’t handle the truth so he melts away. Cancel the interview! Everything the right screams about are the very things THEY DO. Fuck that punk. His cell in eternal darkness awaits!

  2. I remember an old tradition–I believe it’s English–that when a land is sickened, the king is sacrificed so that it might heal. That seems to me what Piers Morgan just did to Mango Mussolini. Who’d have thought the former–an English twit so vapid that I could beat him in a battle of wits while in agonizing gallstone pain–could pull that one off?


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