Steve Bannon must be feeling Hitlerian today. Hitler telegraphed his plans to take over Germany when he wrote his manifesto, Mein Kampf, while in prison. Bannon just took to the airwaves of his podcast and announced his strategy for taking over the country. It’s nothing new, but it’s still terrifying, to think of Bannon and his thugs gaining control of voting and elections.

We say, and not for the first time, that free and fair elections are the cornerstone of democracy. You take that away and it’s banana republic time. Which is exactly what Bannon advocates. He loves chaos, possibly more than Trump does.

He also doesn’t stop there. Although he laughs in Mike Lindell’s face these days, hear him tout the decertification delusion. Sigh. Will it never end?

This isn’t just crazy talk, either. Here is the Trump endorsed candidate for secretary of state in Arizona.

We’ve never needed a militia before to guard against voter fraud and we don’t need one now. But this is the level of advocacy here, citizen militias.

And this bottom tweet is not a good sign.

This is exactly why the January 6 Committee is so crucial. Coup Two is in the readying stage. Only by exposing the machinations of Coup One, January 6, can we derail it.

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  1. Long ago in another life when I was on active duty in the Marines I did a tour in the DC area. For a time I was one of the people who oversaw a guard detail for the Naval Command Center as well as the SecNav and CNO office spaces. As such I dealt with a LOT of high ranking Naval Officers and the CNO at the time was a particularly grating asshole who thought his shit didn’t stink. Not that too many others felt the same way and not just towards Marines. The point is that sometimes one had to wonder why the Navy kept promoting such assholes up the chain of command. With Bannon, I’m starting to wonder how many of the assholes I dealt with that got to finish out a Naval career and retire at a high rank and lots of contacts to exploit getting rich in the private sector the promotion boards saved the country from.

    Bannon clearly is possessed by delusions of grandeur, and I’ve increasingly felt pissed off over his Naval career being short-circuited. His grudge against the Navy for not recognizing his “greatness” turned into a grudge against the entire country! Basically, since he didn’t get all the praise and adulation he craved (and helped Trump, someone you KNOW he believes to be inferior both to him and most people) then by god he’d fuck over not just the United States but the entire free world for not giving him what he’s convinced is his birthright. So he’s doing his best to tear it all down. After all, he’s older (and probably not in the best of health) and won’t have to deal with the wreckage. He’s got enough money and friends in low places that, if he’s not locked up in prison he can live out what’s left of his despicable life he can avoid the consequences of what he’s wrought.

  2. How does the Census Bureau offer ANY figures for any number of voters when the Bureau does NOT ask that question? It does NOT ask anything regarding political affiliation or voter participation. Voter registration information, including the number of registered voters, is STRICTLY the purview of the individual states.

    Why can’t the GOP get people who, when they run for an elective office, actually understand what their prospective job entails? All they want to do is spend tens of millions of dollars for a job that makes a couple hundred thousand dollars (at most) in order to destroy the government.


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