President Obama (yes, I will call him that until the day I die) had them rolling in the aisles today in Detroit, recounting a conspiracy theory that Gretchen Whitmer’s Republican opponent for Governor, Tudor Dixon, propagated two years ago – that Democrats, still smarting from the beat down the now entirely Republican Confederate States of America suffered at the the hands of the now largely Democratic Regular United States of America, are still smarting from that defeat and plotting to bring down, belatedly the Union – and that COVID-19 is part of that dastardly plan.

Whoo-boy, someone bring a net.

Barack is pretty good at this sort of mockery, as his dissection of the Donald at the White House Corespondents’ Dinner years ago proved, and which we all paid for four long years and counting… still this is a good laugh and we all could use one today.

Boy, howdy.

But if he took that act to comedy clubs I might go to more than one.

Speak of which…


Especially today.



Exactly why Republicans pushed the 22nd amendment.

Burn another, Barack!


Yup. The best.



I’m in.



A few more appearances like this just might seal the deal.

Go get em’, Mr. President!

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  1. “Exactly why Republicans pushed the 25th amendment.”

    Um, I think you meant the 22nd Amendment. The 25th deals with presidential succession while the 22nd deals with presidential term limits. The 25th pretty much had support from both sides of the aisle (in fact, the final version of the 25th that went to the states was spearheaded by two Democrats–Sen Birch Bayh of Indiana and Rep Emanuel Celler of New York) while the 22nd was pushed by Republicans as a direct result of their having taken control of Congress in 1946 and their loathing of FDR’s 4 electoral victories.

  2. I miss President Obama. President Biden is a good man. President Obama is an erudite man and we need men and women like him in politics. Politics is much less of a shit show when intelligent people are involved.


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