“The longer I live the more convinced am I that this planet is used by other planets as a lunatic asylum.” — George Bernard Shaw

Bearing this quote in mind, take a look at the self-proclaimed prophet on the right attempt to “explain” how Trump is still president. If you can wrap your head around this one and derive meaning, please lead the rest of us. Total gibberish, but nevertheless this guy has an audience.

And look at the facial expression and hand gestures. He’s doing Jedi mind tricks without the mind.

I think he doesn’t know the difference between impeached and removed from office. As far as the “certified” drivel, all I know is he is certifiable. “If the certification is not certified than it cannot happen.” Righto. And did he check to see what condition his condition was in? Because that’s next on the checklist.

And of course the sheer beauty of this fable that Trump is still president is that if it’s true, then he’s running out his second term right now, supervising executions in Guantanamo and so forth while Joe Biden acts like the president from a dollhouse/movie studio down the street, and so he can’t run in 2024. But don’t disturb these people with logic. Their circuits will fry like Robby the Robot’s in Forbidden Planet.

Another day, another spirit message from Trump world. I wonder if the QAnoners went back to Dallas after MAGA Woodstock in Arizona, or if they just pitched a tent on that ranch and are threatening to hold the owner hostage if he says anything?

In all seriousness, if one or more sects of the MAGAs did a Heaven’s Gate or Jonestown with the kool aide it would be zero shock to anyone. Think about that.


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  1. Fortunately, Robby survived and went on to run round shouting “Danger, Will Robinson” The GQP isn’t following that path of “Danger, Don Trump” when he commits yet another blatant assault on the whole concept of ‘democracy’ (quote marks are due to the fact that ‘democracy’ also translates as ‘mob rule’)

  2. I believe Thomas Paine once quipped that to argue with those that have abandoned reason is to attempt to give medicine to a corpse.


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