Mike Lindell got a valentine from his banker today, telling him that as of Friday he no longer has an account open. So naturally, he went crying to Steve Bannon about the grave injustice of it all. It’s vintage Lindell, heavy on victimization and name calling.

No love lost there.

And Tina Peters, Lindell’s paranoid ally, fresh off of her arrest, has announced that she is running for the top spot as Colorado’s election official, secretary of state. That prompted this comment from the current secretary of state:

“Tina Peters is unfit to be Secretary of State and a danger to Colorado elections. Peters compromised voting equipment to try to prove conspiracies, costing Mesa County taxpayers nearly one million dollars. She works with election deniers, spreads lies about elections, was removed from overseeing the 2021 Mesa County election, and is under criminal investigation by a grand jury. Colorado needs a Secretary of State who will uphold the will of the people; not one who embraces conspiracies and risks Coloradans’ right to vote.

As Secretary of State, I am proud of my work to protect the right to vote for all eligible Coloradans. While overseeing four successful elections, I expanded voter access and maintained our gold standard in election security. I am excited to continue my work to ensure that every eligible voter — Republican, Democrat, and Unaffiliated, alike— has access to safe and secure elections.”

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold

Interesting how both these characters paint themselves as victims, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, Lindell will keep his folding money in a pillow case and his loose change in a sock, we guess. Maybe he can keep his retirement fund in a mayonnaise jar under the porch, ya spose?

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    • Don’t you mean, Mayim or Ken? Alex, um, kind of died over a year ago.

      Mayim (Blossom, Amy Farrah-Fowler) Bialik and Ken (former superstar contestant) Jennings are currently sharing hosting duties.


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