The mental landscape of Mike Flynn must look something like a Salvador Dali painting. Remember the oozing clocks, towers growing out of disembodied limbs? In Dali’s world there was a kind of genius whereas in Flynn’s it’s all chaos and bedlam.

Today Mike Flynn shares with right-wingnuttia his dark visions for next year. Not to worry about losing either chamber of Congress, Democrats, Flynn has gone ahead and discovered the Secret Plan and he knows that there will be no election, because it’s too inconvenient, what with the Great Economic Meltdown plot. Gotta hand it to Flynn, he uncovers all our nefarious scheme well before the rank and file amongst us do.

This is a guy who was fired by two sitting presidents from two different political parties. You can’t top that.

Evidently Flynn’s support of the Big Lie isn’t going too well, so now he’s got to embellish an even greater Machiavellian scheme. The comical part is that long overdue legislation is being passed, the stock market is fine, COVID is coming under control, job creation is booming and things are going quite well. Even Mitch McConnell called the infrastructure plan a “godsend.”

But you’ll never hear any of that from Flynn and his ilk. Unless they’re fearmongering and passing the hat while doing it, they’re unconscious to all else.

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  1. More projection than an Imax theater.
    He needs to be taken in for evaluation. And maybe several months away from all news and social media, as well as his family.

  2. Actually, he needs to be tried and convicted of being the traitor that he is. A firing squad would be a waste of good ammo on this creep. An old rope would work best.

  3. Will be something if he turns out to be right (no pun intended) there is already talk of scrubbing the next election due to the omicron variant…

    Moderator’s note: Not sure if you’re serious or not but like many sites CT isn’t welcome. If there is such talk it’s not coming from folks on the Democratic side of the aisle. Maybe in the RWNJ bat-shit crazy MAGA-verse such talk is out there. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s become a common topic. But, and this is a big but don’t go talking about that kind of nonsense here. Because Democrats didn’t talk about canceling elections in 2020 (or 2004 – yes that concept got semi-quietly pushed by Cheney and others back then) – REPUBLICANS/CONSERVATIVES did. So, if you’re comment was snark, if you wish to say things like that in the future then indicate that. If you are serious in trying to spread that kind of b.s. here your posts will be deleted.


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