Maybe Mike Lindell can open up his own correspondence law school from either prison or the nut house, whichever one he ends up in first. The age of the internet has contributed to misinformation as much or more than it has contributed to people being well informed. Nowadays people just Google a topic and whatever fragment of information comes up, “Ah ha! That’s the answer!”

My doctor told me that he’s had patients come in and tell him that they have cancer because that got that information from Dr. Google. In this case, Mike Lindell is getting his legal advice from Lawyer Google.

Be forewarned, you who make it a habit to follow my Lindell obsession here. This is loonier than most of Lindell’s commentaries. ****WARNING**** Lawyers and JDs here, sit on your hands because you will find yourself tempted to slash your wrists listening to this drivel.

I do wish he would give us a few names of these people whose elections were stolen by fraud and then the fraud was uncovered and they went into office. That would be helpful.

I am hopeful that Mikey will talk to his audience about the January 6 Committee Hearings but that is probably far too much to ask.

Good luck with your war on the machines, Mike. Dominion and Smartmatic are still out there. Watching. Watching.

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    • Magic Mikey is in a bad way. I can’t wait for the mid-July revelation, Lindell’s new “movie” that will change everything.

  1. He went to FB school of law, maybe. Contract law doesn’t apply to elective offices, and there’s no “statute of limitations” for it. You get elected, or you don’t.

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