This is comical and so far as I can tell it’s legit. I found it on the Vice website and they got it from Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s an outtake from a 2019 documentary You Can’t Watch This, which followed Alex Jones and four other high-profile “political dissidents” after they’d been deplatformed. Jones is having a crisis of conscience here and I only wish it went on longer, because it is ridiculous.

I don’t doubt that Jones is having second thoughts. Prior to Trump, he had carved out an interesting and lucrative little niche for himself, with his nutball theories. My favorite was that space aliens were in league with Satan and taking over the churches. Jones was a harmless lunatic in many ways, spewing his nonsense and selling his snake oils. When he started the Sandy Hook conspiracy and got involved with Trump, he got in way over his head. His part in the January 6 insurrection is being investigated and I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now.


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  1. I wish that when Trump’s draft-dodging grandfather slinked back to his home country and begged his king to let him stay that the ass-kissing and groveling had worked. Instead they kicked him out and he came back here, and the rest as they say is (bad) history.


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