Four years of Donald Trump left us all numb. It’s intriguing now to go back and see Trump’s rude buffoonery juxtaposed against the statesmanship of Joe Biden, combativeness next to calm, insecurity besides assurance. One is a press conference and the other is, well, Trump.

Trump made his mark in American history. Future generations will be watching the Idiot in Chief and wondering what went on at this time in history to get somebody like him elected to the nation’s highest office — that is, assuming that democracy survives and autocracy doesn’t take its place.



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    • And politicians are not entertainers or celebrities, they’re supposed to run the government.
      That’s what they’re elected for.

  1. The strongest message in this story is, as the man said, Even Republicans themselves had worn down by DJT’s constant blathering about himself filled with lies, using the same tired rhetoric … Trump’s limited vocabulary skills of minimalist intelligence, constant barrage of attacks against people of color, even making fun of a disabled person, enabling the insurrection action at the US Capitol, killing over 500 thousand citizens with his inactions and personal max of stupidity … of this we still suffer and the dead are gone from families and friends forever …

    There is absolutely NO positive things done for WE THE PEOPLE in the records of Trump fiascos … that’s the biggest challenge for years to come, but the simple story sits squarely on the GOP, two factors, greed and power … both of those things in the GOP reek of a powerful odor, like dead fish laying out in the sun …


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