Full disclosure. I went to college in Boulder, Colorado in the early 70’s. At that time it was a mecca for New Age religion and what was called “holistic” or “alternative” medicine. The word “organic” was very popular and its use was not limited to labeling produce. No Sir, it was used to describe everything from business dynamics to architecture. Seriously. The word “vibes” was another catch all term, which could be co-opted to whatever the groovy, mellow, New Age conversationalist decided it should be allowed to describe. Alice in Wonderland comes to mind, “the words mean what you want them to mean.”

I offer this to let you know that I was exposed to every cult and con job that came into being in that era, Reiki, Primal Scream therapy, you name it, starting with acupuncture and running through chakra balancing, EFT tapping, polarity balancing, aura cleansing, crystal healing, magnetic healing, the list goes on. If it was weird it was in Boulder in the 70’s. The umbrella term “woo woo medicine” was coined to describe this phenomenon.

A woman who lived downstairs from me my third year of college came up one day and told me “how lucky” I was “to have been born poor,” because she was experiencing “poverty” — defined as not getting something that she wanted — for the “first time” because her parents wouldn’t pay for her to go to Maharishi University and learn how to levitate. More about that later. I knew plenty of people who talked this crazy talk but I never, ever expected to hear it come from a medical doctor, let alone the surgeon general of a state. But here it is.

It sounds a lot like Reiki. Reiki was supposed to be very painful and people undergoing it screamed out loud in pain, which was encouraged. The benefit of this was said to be releasing pent up anxieties and emotional demons. Reiki was also controversial because of “the Qi of sex.” Here, this is straight off of Google.

The sexual act generates Qi through the friction of touch. Locations on the genitals correlate to different organs, so one can manipulate or build Qi in individual organs with different positions and stimulations. The resulting Qi can be directed or stored, used to heal illness or enhance stamina and longevity.

They locked Wilhelm Reich up for talking about orgon energy and the function of the orgasm, but that was forty years earlier.

In my last year of college I had a woman named Roshanna stay in a bedroom which was temporarily empty, while she was in Boulder for a Reiki seminar, and she sounded just like “Doctor” Ladapo. She told of how she screamed at first and sobbed but then it was all warm and wonderful and good. She spoke to me of sexual inhibitions that had been released.

She also ran off with her Reiki instructor (who evidently was manipulating her Qi to great effect) and I found out about that because there was an unexpected knock on the door one overcast afternoon and a haggard looking man told me he was Roshanna’s husband and had flown all the way from Chicago and asked where was she? Not one of my fondest memories, let us say. The last thing I needed was a messy divorce between total strangers taking place in my living room. I told him I assumed she would be back to pick up her stuff. He did a stake out in his car, in the snow. I felt so sorry for the man I brought him a thermos of coffee when it got dark.

If Ladapo got some help, good for him. I merely share my predisposition towards fringe medicine due to my own experience. I think Ladapo is full of $hit. I’ve known people who were molested as children and no massage is going to magically heal the trauma. This is grossly irresponsible of him to be putting this out over the airwaves.

I promised something about levitation at Maharisha University.

You and I laugh but my neighbor from downstairs was literally weeping because she so badly wanted to go do this. She even tried to sell stocks she had inherited and was horrified to learn that they were only worth $1,500 and Maharishi wanted a lot more coin than that to let you hop across a mat and wreck your knee cartilage.

I’m going to give you my take on all of this: people who are empty inside seek to find something magical that will make it all better. That is my observation based on experience.

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  1. Take a look at composite photos of the universe taken by hubble. There are more stars than grains of sand on all the beaches on planet earth. Fact.The distance between them is measured by the speed of light at over 186,000 miles per second. It will go around the earth 7x in one second. Facts. I studied Religion at a public ivy. How can a species that doesn’t know the scale of what actually IS, be ‘expert’ on whatever or whomever is behind it all. Simply a union of arrogance & ignorance. Same with what happens when we die. THE TRUTH IS NO ONE KNOWS. And we wonder why stupidity & selflessness reign supreme. I don’t wonder. It’s maddening, since, with climate change &/or nuclear war, we seem hell bent to give power to a death cult.

      • The ocean of mystery, that is our existence, is my cup of tea. Ha. However, while u were in Boulder, I was in Chapel Hill. Like they said in the newer version of True Grit, it was a ‘lively time’. Hey I believe the truth will set me free. I didn’t know it required so much work. Ha.

  2. We had a batch of ‘flying levitators’ stand for election in Norn Iron (needless to say they ‘lost their deposits’)

    Anyone standing for election here and over in GB has to deposit 500 Pounds (just over $600) which is refunded IF they get over 5% of the votes cast – if not, it’s buh-bye deposit

  3. This is the worst piece of garbage I’ve read in a while. Trauma is complex and what might help one person heal isn’t some magic treatment for others. But your article lacks any real understanding of either the trauma or what healing means. So sorry I wasted time on this.

    • I was sexually molested myself as a child, at the age of seven. I know a great deal about the trauma. Maybe i should have put that in the article as well.

      But you’re right, maybe this doctor is wired in such a way that some kind of Reiki-esque therapy did cure that particular trauma. I still think it’s irresponsible of him to be pushing this kind of a thing on the airwaves.

  4. The pplacebo effect has a lot to answer for. Almost anything will work once for almost anyoe under the right conditions. Bu that’s no excuse to go pushing whatever-it-was on other people. And particularly not if you are medically trained and should know better.


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