Hope springs eternal we are told and if there is a poster child for that proposition, it would have to be Mike Lindell. As you’ve heard, he’s going to do a marathon on Frankspeech over Thanksgiving weekend. Now here’s the catch, two catches actually: he says that he’s got “all new information” to present and here’s the killer, he says his attorneys have guaranteed him that the Supreme Court “will have to accept the case.”

“I know it has something to do with our 4th and 12th Amendment. It’s something different now they’ve found in our Constitution and the Supreme Court basically has to accept it. This is what all the lawyers have told me. It would be unconstitutional for them not to accept it.”

That’s a wonderful thing to have an airtight case like that. Listen to Lindell explain it.

The 4th Amendment has to do with illegal search and seizure and the 12th is about how the president and vice president are elected. This will be interesting to see.

Again, I’m waiting for the blow up afterwards, just like at the cyber symposium. And then the old year will ring out and the new year will ring in, and Trumpty Dumpty will still be yolk on the sidewalk insofar as the election is concerned.


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  1. Li9ndell keeps revealing how little he understands about the presidential election system. And the constitution. And the judicial system.

      • I believe it’s airtight in that sense. I want to see how these phantom lawyers have cobbled together a suit that the court HAS to accept. As if it wouldn’t already be bombshell news if there was some constitutional rationale found. You notice Dershowitz isn’t touching this with a ten foot pole?

  2. I’m still waiting to find out what lawyer Lindell has who discovered a way for the Supreme Court to rule on a case BROUGHT BY A PRIVATE CITIZEN when the case has not wended its way through lower courts.

    Last time I checked, SCOTUS can only hear an emergency case involving states or the Federal government itself and, even then, it normally has to involve some matter of constitutional law. (Also, last-minute appeals to overturn an impending death sentence’s being carried out–but, then again, that is a situation of a case that already wended its way through the judicial system and is literally a last chance for the inmate.)


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