There are two candidates named Jones running for governorships in the south, and they could not be more different. They both exemplify the differences in the two major parties. Chris Jones is running against Sarah Huckabee Sanders for governor of Arkansas. If you haven’t seen him yet or heard about him, read this post from a few weeks back. The man is inspirational. He’s close in affect to another fine Democrat of the south, Doug Jones. Both Doug Jones and Chris Jones represent the future of the south, if the south has a future.

On the other side of the spectrum, both politically and aesthetically, is this throwback to the dark ages, Vernon Jones, looking to run for governor of Georgia, if he can bop off Brian Kemp in a primary.

The issue in this clip is that Jones openly intimidates this CNN reporter. There were arguments in the thread about whether this is “accosting” somebody and I think it’s safe to say when you get physically close like this with a complete stranger, whom you’re arguing with, it’s an intimidation ploy. Jones loves to do this. He created a scene at the Arizona audit with one of the local reporters there. It was the same basic scenario, questioning the reporter, in order to discredit the reporter, rather than letting the reporter question him.

This is who Jones is. If you see him a hundred times, you’re going to see basically the same thing. It’s all talking points, trolling, and media bashing. That’s what the guy stands for.

Georgia, you can do better than this. In fact, you probably couldn’t do any worse. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to Vernon Jones on the ticket. Although if it did and Stacey Abrams ran against him, I have to admit, that would be one hell of a contest. The debates would be the most monumental ones since the Lincoln Douglas debates. Georgia was deemed the center of the political universe when the two January runoffs happened. As important as that was, I see it as the warm up act if there’s a Jones/Abrams contest.

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