With Republican politicians busily dispersing lies that Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan or his unfreezing of Iranian assets or his grand-dad body or Champ Biden’s biting of SS agents or Hunter Biden’s slippy slide burns have somehow emboldened Saturday’s attacks by Hamas on Israel, University of Massachusetts Amherst Political Science Prof and Twitterer Tim Hogan encourages Dems to act more like Republicans and merely ask questions suggesting that Trump and Matt Gaetz’s successful bid to oust Speaker of the House McCarthy was somehow a “shaping operation” on behalf of Russia and Hamas leadership to leave the House without representation and thus unable to effectively respond to the attacks.

Sounds plausible to me.

I threw Senators Rand Paul who is obstructing the filling of vacancies in our diplomatic corps in, and Tommy Tuberville who is doing the – same preventing advancements in the military services – into the mix because when it comes to conspiracy theories… go big or go home.

Am I right?

Moar strings, please.

And, I presume, with great fanfare, present 0 evidence?

My thought exactly, tiger.



Yup. Now we’re cooking.

Good job, Terri, repetition is key…


Sure, throw him in there too…

Not as much fun, but most likely true.

I wonder if we can get a NY Times Headline out of that Doug?



Any second now…



As you can see there are many different directions we can take once we make like the Republicans and just start hurling accusations around.

After all, it just seems unfair – going into a food fight without even a half eaten sandwich in hand.

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  1. Well done my friend. Hamas (and Iran) wouldn’t have dared to mount such a large scale attack with all its atrocities without the conditions that have developed, in part with our very own GOP f**king with our diplomatic and military functions. And, as your article notes very early on it was code-word Israeli provided intelligence Trump gave to the Russians in that OVAL OFFICE meeting he tried to keep secret. Israel has always been reluctant to share with anyone including us and that set back intelligence work in ways that can’t be calculated. It also shut down probably the most highly placed asset we had in the Kremlin, someone with regular if not daily access to Putin or his innermost circle and a wider network we had over there. Combine THAT with Russia’s alliance with Iran without whom Hamas could never have carried out such a massive attack and one can start to get a sense of how huge all this is.

    Israel would not exist without the United States. Saying that will piss a lot of people off but it’s the truth. Another hard truth is that everyone including Israel knows it and that we have no choice but to back them no matter how much their actions poke not just their Palestinian population but other countries in the region in the eye and in turn cause US problems. Add in Israel having sometimes had leaders (like the current one) who enjoy showing off their “toughness” with “I can kick the U.S. in the crotch and they can’t do anything about it” attitude and we have always had a problem. GOPers in Congress also go out of their way to inflame things rather than try to work out the problem of the fact their are many more Palestinians living in Israel than Jewish people.

    I’ve said before and said in a comment to someone who criticized me in a comment to my article I posted last night that as other places (I mentioned Northern Ireland) there has always been the problem of individuals who are “important” ONLY if there’s a conflict. If it gets solved they won’t be important any more so they sabotage things to keep resolution from happening. Congress Critters taking potshots and f**king with diplomacy and our military is more than taking potshots – it’s a threat to our national security and the established world order. But hey, they get to feel like big shots and can raise all kinds of money and if countless people suffer and die because of their antics they don’t give a sh*t.

  2. I would imagine our dysfunctional politics have a lot more to do with terrorist activity than probably anything else. Kind of a no-brainer really.


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