Remember I told you a while back that that Donald Trump had a SPAC (special purchase acquisition company) and its name was DWAC? And that if DWAC didn’t get it’s DWAC-act together before July 24, then it was glub glub for DWAC and Truth Social by extension? Well, that prediction has come to pass and let’s just say you didn’t need a crystal ball to figure this one out. Seeking Alpha.

Trump SPAC Digital World Acquisition (NASDAQ:DWAC), the blank-check firm seeking to merge with Trump’s media company, announced that its auditor, Marcum, resigned on Thursday. [July 27, 2023]

During the two most recent fiscal years ended Dec. 31, 2022, and the subsequent interim period, there were no “disagreements’ between Marcum and

Now that is a statement of Truth. DWAC is hauling ass to get another accounting firm on board. Forbes wrote back in May that this DWAC Truth Social business had to be satisfactorily concluded by July 24 or DWAC could be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange and Truth Social by extension goes down in flames, because it’s hanging out there with no funding. Evidently, DWAC got a very short extension and then went belly up three days later, meaning they lost their auditor and without an auditor, it’s a tad difficult to remedy paperwork which the SEC insists must be remedied for business to go forward.

Maybe Trump will be a man without a social media platform soon. Good. He can use Truth Social to foment another insurrection, but if he doesn’t have that tool, he’ll have to eat crow with Elon Musk and go to his platform, Twit-X, or what’s left of it.

Just another complication in an already bizarre story. Wait, just wait for MAGA to spin this into a government conspiracy theory.

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  1. A Trump business in financial trouble AND in legal trouble at the same time?

    How surprising. In further news, sky is blue.

    • Yes. And I see the light at the end of the tunnel. When Truth Social goes belly up, it won’t be because Trump is an incompetent and crooked businessman, it will be because the SEC is part of a weaponized government. You just wait and see.

      • Whenever it’s disagreeable, it’s the “deep state”… or the “leftists”… or “Antifa”… or… or… or… Maybe, just possible, it’s just the simplest answer. The guy’s dishonest and finally got caught!
        I lived in New York and people there have known it for decades!

  2. If Traitor Tot can’t be convicted and shot (or hung or whatever), we need to make him a man without a country (like the movie). Put him in a prison in Antiartica, thats 100 miles from anything, and bring him a years worth of MREs once a year. Other than that, make the facility sealed, and no contact with anyone ever again!



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