If you’re a regular reader here you know how Trumpty Dumpty goes on stage at Mar-a-Lago and twitches a bit and how that schtick is enthusiastically met with roars of approval. His “dancing” has all the grace and rhythm of a toddler moving to music for the first time and bouncing in the crib. Plus his obesity makes it frankly an embarrassing spectacle — but apparently that’s what MAGA loves. Here’s the clip that got this rolling today.

I’ve seen plenty of Bad White Dancing in my life, at various discos, but this takes the cake. I would kill to have a party where both Barack Obama and Trump would show up and dance. That would be a screamer. And then there’s Melania. Photographers agreed that her main drawback as a model was that she was “stiff” and “couldn’t move.” And you remember the two of them dancing at the Inaugural Ball, where if she leaned any farther away from him, she would have fallen over backwards. Not that I blame her. In any event, this display and many others inspired this mini epic.

Here’s more on Elton John and Trump. In all truth, I don’t know if this is parody, because with Trump you never can tell. He is that far out there, nuking the hurricanes, taking Sharpies to weather maps, telling people to drink bleach and put UV lights in their rectums, all the madness which you know.

The cult will not be pleased with any of this. Lots of activity at the firing ranges when this gets out, I guess.


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  1. Not being able to complete a sentence, let alone the thought process, is telling. His dementia is getting worse. So….what does he do? Sigh, grunt, groan. Someone needs to step up to the plate and demand a cognitive test from a decent doctor and spread the diagnosis far and wide. 45 is not capable of being POTUS (never was but now it’s worse!)

  2. ” In all truth, I don’t know if this is parody, because with Trump you never can tell.”

    I think you can, he’s so stupid that he doesn’t know what parody is, thus he has no ‘filter’ to stop himself from self-parody – which he is also unaware of. So he spends much of his time inadvertantly and unawaredly self-parodying.

    He’s doing it while being too stupid to know that he is.

  3. I am a bellydancer. So.is my husband. I can only thank Someone or Something that Trump never decided to.take Middle Eastern dance lessons because his attempts at shoulder skinnies make.me seasick.
    I am.actually shocked that Fred never enrolled him in ballroom classes so he could fit in with the social.circle he aspired to. He can’t even manage a foxtrot. How stupid he must have looked at Studio 54, which makes me grateful I turned down the two.modeling scouts. I.was married to a martial.artist and he would have broken the wrist of anyone who tried to grope me.


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