2020 election denier and drumpf’s hand picked candidate to attempt to unseat Nevada Democratic Senator Catherine Marie Cortez Masto in the November election is attempting a Half Guard Old School Sweep on the always thorny purple state issue of choice, striving to submit his preferred anti-choice voters by praising the SCOTUS decision nullifying Roe, while leveraging to his advantage the fact that his state has enacted legislation to protect a woman’s right to choose.

Talking Point’s Josh Marshall has the skinny…

And not only did he use the Attorney General’s office to promote his Anti-Choice views, Josh, he sent out emails to his voters explaining why he is pro-life. One of his errant emails happily ended up in the inbox of Laura FitzSimmons who initiated the referendum in 1990 that protected choice in Nevada.

“In the 1970s, my mother became pregnant with me. She was in her early 20s, had no college education, and wasn’t married … By the grace of God, my mother moved forward with her pregnancy, fully knowing how her life might change. As a single mother, she fully relied on God and the support of loved ones to help raise me … Although we didn’t see it then, the adversity my mother and I faced together led me to where I am today.”

What Laxalt left out of the email was the rather…er… complicated story of his own parentage, which I will not include here, as PolitiZoom is not the Nation Enquirer, but if your enquiring mind wants to know more it in in FitzSimmon’s article.

Hopefully Laxalt’s rank hypocrisy will lead to his downfall, but, like the mad dentist from Arizona, Paul Gosar, he can’t count on 12 members of his own family to vote for him.

Here’s hoping he loses by eleven votes.

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  1. ummmm, WHEN in the seventies? Full reproductive healthcare was not available for that ENTIRE decade, merely a portion of it. Getting all “I’m so glad my mommy had me” when there weren’t any viable options is rather disingenuous. Not surprising given the party this putz belongs to but still…

  2. I kind of doubt that Adam’s mother had to really struggle the same way as many other single mothers since her father was a US Senator at the time. And it really would not have looked good for a Republican Senator (who’d divorced Adam’s maternal grandmother several years before his birth) to completely turn his back on his pregnant, and later single-mother, daughter–especially as he faced a re-election campaign just a couple of years after Adam’s birth.


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