Donald Trump’s possible choice for attorney general if he wins the 2024 presidential election should scare you. If it doesn’t, well then, I don’t know what to say.

He’s a lawyer who has threatened to indict, arrest, and deport British-American MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan for daring to criticize him, LGBTQNation reports.

A recent segment from Hasan detailed the people Trump would likely select for the Cabinet should he win the 2024 presidential election. Hasan wanted to show viewers what a second term presidency for Trump would look like “without any adults in the room.”

Mike Davis is one of the potential candidates for attorney general. Hasan noted many people close to the former president including his son Donald Trump Jr. and Steve Bannon are extolling Davis’s “virtues.”

Davis is definitely a creepy dude, and Hasan elaborated.

“Earlier this week, over on my peacock show, i dove deep into the conservative lawyer’s record from davis’s threats to send journalists to the d.c. gulag to his repeated calls on social media for his followers to, quote, ‘arm up against the violent black underclass.'”

That segment, Hasan explained, turned into the first time Davis threatened him.

“it appears i may have struck a nerve,” he said. “davis has since responded to my monologue from earlier this week, pledging to indict me when he’s ag. For what? i’m not sure. but he’s also threatened to send me to the d.c. gulag. that’s a totally normal, non-fascist response from a man eyeing to become the nation’as chief law enforcement officer.”

When Trump began bullying journalists and yelling about “fake news” he summoned a demon. Really. The world for journalists has completely changed since then and those who think it’s okay to throw people in jail for writing about or expressing their opinions, or even solid facts.

And when Davis found out about Hasan’s more recent remarks he turned his threats up a notch. He turned to X, where he posted that the journalist “is now on my Lists 2 (indict), 4 (detain), 6 (denaturalize), and 3 (deport). I already have his spot picked out in the DC gulag.

Then he slipped in a homophobic jab about gay journalist and former RNC spokesperson Tim Miller:

“But I’ll put him in the women’s cell block, with [miller]. So these two whiny leftists don’t get beat up as often.”

Hasan decided to repost Davis’s awful threat, writing, “Nothing to see here, just the former Gorsuch law clerk touted as Trump’s next attorney-general, threatening to indict, detain, & deport me (for what?) & put Tim Miller, who is gay, in a women’s prison. Nothing at all unconstitutional, fascistic, or bigoted about any of this.”

Davis has joked about the “reign of terror” he plans to unleash on Washington, D.C., suggesting Trump would have to pardon him. He’s also said he intends to pardon the January 6 insurrectionists and deport millions of people.

“We’re gonna deport a lot of people, 10 million people and growing — anchor babies, their parents, their grandparents,” davis said on the Benny Johnson show, the philadelphia inquirer REPORTS. “we’re gonna put kids in cages. it’s gonna be glorious. we’re gonna detain a lot of people in the d.c. gulag and gitmo.”

Will Bunch, a columnist for the Inquirer, noted that Davis is exaggerating but made it clear that his words “should not be taken literally, but seriously.”

Bunch said the scary part out loud.

“This ambitious right-wing lawyer may or may not be a true believer but he knows how to audition for trump, and it’s working.”

There’s even worse news: In his segment on Trump’s possible cabinet, Hasan said Trump is also considering the massively anti-LGBTQ+ former Fox News host Tucker Carlson as his potential vice presidential running mate.

This is creepy and it may become a reality. I’m sure Davis and Carlson aren’t the only frightening people Trump has in mind.

I hope Democrats are paying attention. That’s all I can say.

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  1. Can we get rid of this creep before he gets anywhere near his dream job? We do not need this level of stupidity any where near government of any kind but especially the federal government. And getting rid of Liar F*ck would be a good thing just on general principle.

  2. Apparently this rwnj flunked constitutional law in law school. Anyone born in the U.S. or U.S. territory is a U.S. citizen under the 14th Amendment. It also applies to children of illegal.aliens as upheld by federal.courts. It exempts children of foreign diplomats.

    • one poor doctor who was born in the US during a period when his dad took a job at a consulate has lost his citizenship because technically he had diplomatic immunity for that, so that child (but not the previous US born son) should not have been given citizenship. The guy is nearing retirement, has been a presumed citizen all his life!.


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