This is going to be a fun set of fireworks to watch. Trump’s neighbors have complained to Palm Beach officials and they’ve officially put Trump on notice. And it looks like they might actually implement the consequences they’ve told him could happen if things don’t change!

Let’s backtrack a bit. Once upon a time Trump Tower and his gilded living quarters were “all that” as far as Donald Trump was concerned. But after decades of trying to pass himself off as the symbol of New York City, he had to submit to the painful realization that the rest of the country knew New Yorkers couldn’t stand him. Never could. So he decamped to Florida and his Mar A Lago club/resort and made that his official home instead of a winter residence. He even had an excuse in being able to claim he was tired of NY taxes. (Florida doesn’t have a state income tax)

There were problems with the move. First and foremost was the fact that when Trump bought the place he’d signed an agreement that Mar A Lago would remain a resort and not become a personal residence for him. Being Trump he of course reneged and since he was President when he made the official move to being a Florida resident he got away with it. Just like he’d gotten away with every other agreement (or law) he’d broken in his despicable life. There was also the issue with the helipad. However, the main thing is that ever since he and Trophy Wife #3 aka Melania remodeled his living quarters into his new permanent home and moved in Trump has been in violation of Palm Beach zoning law.

However, as Newsweek reports  it’s looking like Palm Beach has gotten fed up with Trump. Events are causing traffic problems and one event in particular affected another event that had to start late. I’ve read reports in the past this has been an issue and the hoopla of having Trump down there wore thin with lots of his neighbors long ago. Now, things seem to be getting worse and one thing that came up during the recent Town Council meeting was Trump/Mar A Lago not working to coordinate with local officials to avoid some of the problems. It seems the Town Council has grown tired of hearing complaints so they had a meeting to talk about it. The result?

Town Council President Margaret Zeidman gave a public warning to Mar-a-Lago: “Either get your act together, or we will get it together for you.” She added: “We’re not gonna continue to have the residents put at a disadvantage like this.”

During the meeting Ziedman at one point said  “If in the end we have to restrict, if we can, their events, then we will do so.” This could get fun because you and I both know Trump will blow this off. However, the public nature of the warning the Council has given indicates they might actually try to enforce some restrictions.  Should that happen the fecal matter will interface with the rotary oscillator “bigly.”

What I find more interesting is this is yet another instance of a local government standing up to Trump. We seen stories about jurisdictions demanding payment upfront to cover the added police/security costs and after-its-over cleanup for his rallies. Trump has no doubt been furious over it. Now we have this. Literally where he lives! Why, it’s like people no longer see him as the almighty! That he’s just another rich guy who will take advantage of others whenever he can and finding out that some of those others are no longer scared of his wealth and/or power. It’s got to be both humiliating AND frightening for Trump to realize “little people” are willing to say NO to him.

Put a pin in this. The Palm Beach Town Council went public on Trump and my gut tells me they won’t back down. Yet Trump won’t back down either. I’m reminded of when I was growing up and Sat. morning cartoons and the ending song for George of the Jungle – the part where the two locomotives crash head on.

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  1. Until something real actually happens I just wish they shut the phuck up. I can’t count the number of times in the last EIGHT PHUCKING YEARS he’s been threatened without REAL consequences. Since he’s stolen millions, I don’t count chump change fines.

  2. Many of Trumpler’s neighbors are as rich, likely richer, than him, so they don’t have to take any more shit from the tacky resident of Mar-a-Lardo, now that he’s not president and is facing a dire future in the courts. But many others of his neighbors may well be members of the Mar-a-Lardo Club for tacky poseurs, so this little conflict could spill out into the ‘hood and set rich asshole against rich goofball. I can’t wait.

  3. I wonder how Dave Chappelle will respond to this. He was a bad guy because he didn’t want some housing in his area. That was bad. These folks don’t want some housing in their ‘hood, but that’s okay. Why? Would they mind if Mar-la-go was turned into low income housing? Hmmm.



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