You all know the most famous quote from George Orwell’s “1984:” “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” That’s what we’re asked to do right now, friends, as we read the statement from Donald Trump’s “doctor” which assures us that he is a medical marvel, a specimen of keen intellectual acuity and a physical body which is aspirational.

What’s that you say? Are we talking about Mr. Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV? Oh yes. And he’s in tip top health, folks. Why he’s lost tons of weight. When, you ask? Gee, I don’t know the answer to that. He was still the same fat corseted slob with the ridiculous combover and layers of makeup two days ago in Iowa, so it wasn’t then. We’re going to look at the letter from his “doctor” and no it is not Ronny Jackson. But first, take a look at this so you can get in the mood. If you’re on the east coast, it’s past five, crack open a brewskie because you’re going to need one when you read the “doctor’s” letter, Hand to God. I am ready to go into cardiac arrest from this level of bullshit.

Now you’re in the mood. Here’s the letter. Remember, I told you to take a drink first.

It’s in black and white, you see it as well as I do, unless this computer is haunted, which I have long suspected because of all the strange things I find with it and every day, no less. But it says that “his cognitive exams were exceptional.” And it says, “Trump has reduced his weight.” I wonder what the actual numbers are, before and after. Because last we knew, he was 6’3″ and 238 lbs. So what is that figure now, 6’3″ and 210 lbs., maybe?

And just out of the wildest and admittedly most morbid curiosity, what battery of “cognitive exams” were administered to the man, might we know?

I guess the fault is with us, friends. We are looking at a thin, fit man, of exceptional mental capacity and somehow what we see on this end is a morbidly obese idiot with no character and the emotional development of an 8-year-old.

And no I don’t know why Trump picked today of all days, Joe Biden’s birthday, the same morning it’s announced that Javier Milei, the Argentinian right-wingnut extremist won the election, and the gag order is being adjudicated, to release this epistle from his physician. But it’s there and it has some meaning to the Trump team. Maybe this should be labeled Big Lie II.

Speaking of Ronny, he got wind of this and had to kick in his drunken “professional” evaluation:

And we are being asked, not for the first time and most definitely not for the last, to reject the evidence of our own eyes and ears. I thought George Orwell was a dystopian novelist. Little did I suspect he was a seer.


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  1. Someone is LYING… right Bruce O? Especially when it comes to DON THE CON’S cognitive & mental health. From what Cracker Jack box did this guy get his medical degree. A doctor who says a DERANGED LUNATIC is sane has to be a FRAUD.

  2. A couple of points. Hey Ronnie…do you own a time machine? I’m wondering how you could POSSIBLY know the health of presidents over the past 240 years? Sounds like liquor talk. By the way, my eyesight is good and I can see he’s a dumpy, overweight, out of shape dude wearing DEPENDS.
    Hey Bruce…if he’s so cognitively intact, how is it he thinks Obama is still president, and we’re at risk of WW2? Could it be you have as much integrity as Dr. Nassar, who’s chilling in the state pen? Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. Questions for the doc. or DO(huh?)

    does your patient still present with
    shart-treuse stained diapers?

    has the halitosis resolved?

    did you discover the cause of the frequent sniffling?


    dr. pepper

  4. So an osteopath is qualified to give a psychiatric assessment?

    Strange how the aforementioned medic seems incapable of reading a height chart or scales

    No doubt some psychiatrist along the line will claim that his physical health is 200%

  5. Reduction in weight. Hmmm. Apparently the DO knows a different definition of the word “reduction” because every time a picture/video is taken of trump, he’s fatter and when he speaks, well, my dog can produce sentences that make more sense than the word salad trump spews. He honestly rivals palin.

  6. Isn’t it interesting, that every time Trump is worried about someone going for his, ACTUAL health records, he has some faker out there making bogus reports, since the only thing he can lay on Biden is his age and supposed lack of health and stability … Trump’s obvious health problems and other problems with legal responsibilities looming, it IS a certain possibility that the stress we see in Trump’s sweaty, shoulder drooping appearance when in public run-aways from the mike holding reporters …

    We have not yet seen the collapse of the orange turd, when someone that knows stuff, explains the REAL message from CO courts, is NOT OK FOR HIM, and his jowls will sag, maybe a tear or two … I wonder which drug the fake doctors will give him for a positive stature in his next court drama … The original law of physics, what ever goes up WILL come back down within gravity … getting him high enough to maintain reasonable composure, could lead to some uncomfortable moments in front of cameras … All the better for tasty popcorn feeds … The acceleration due to gravity could put him inside the ground …


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