An amazing legal document dropped just yesterday and I suggest you read it in full. We’re speaking of Jack Smith’s Opposition to Donald Trump’s Motion To Dismiss the Mar-a-Lago documents case, which you can read by clicking into that link. It’s over 70 pages but it reads like a novel and will tell you everything you need to know about Trump’s document case.

One item of note is that Trump’s about to be ratted out and not by any high placed ally. No, he’s about to be done in by, as Glenn Kirschner puts it, the “maid, plumber, chauffeur, and woodworker.” The devil’s always in the details, Donald, and in the people that you don’t even notice because you think they don’t know anything. They know all your dirty little secrets. What we need next is the Lincoln Project with one of its whispery psy/ops ads. That would be perfect.

How can he call it a witch hunt when its his own monkeys doing the hunting, we wonder? And Trump is not pleased with this. Oh, no, it was cause for great concern and so he went onto social media and raved for a while and broke Judge Chutkan’s gag order, once again, calling Jack Smith deranged.

He’s such a child. He reminds me of the kid that got caught with his hands in the cookie jar and his reply was, “Oh yeah? What about Johnny? He broke the window yesterday!” Jack Smith is not adjudicating Joe Biden’s issues, whatever they may or may not be, the “much bigger boxes deal,” he is solely and narrowly focused on Trump’s case. But Trump can’t get even that far logically. He is that sublimely stupid. The man honestly has the reasoning capability and the emotional maturity of an 8-year-old, yet he’s the GOP frontrunning for president of these United States in the year 2024. His idea of justice is who can smear whom, worse? Total schoolyard nonsense. He never came close to growing out of it.

I may never read fiction again. Who needs made up stories when all you have to do to blow your mind is look on the front page of any newspaper? But one caveat that we do get from fiction is the cliche, “the butler did it.” The butler doesn’t always do it, but the butler usually knows who did do it. That’s what we’re about to find the truth of, right now.

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  1. If Princess truly loved her father she would sit him down and explain how deranged he sounds when he does his little posts at all hours of the day and night. He is very, very embarrassing to the nation but especially to his family who allow him to go on like a madman. Her and Jar-jar’s exile from polite Manhattan society has very much to do with her father’s behavior that has been put on display for the past 7+ years.

    • I would venture to say that she probably has done that. Or maybe Ivana attempted it back in the day. I’m sure that somebody has. And I’m equally sure that since Trump hears nobody and nothing, except his own immaturity telling him what to do, that they all gave up.

    • She was trauma bonded to her narcissist father.

      She may be coming out of that, but confronting a man whom traumatized her, and probably expresses anger when confronted is not for the feint of heart.
      Give her a few more years maybe…

  2. Your “… The butler doesn’t always do it, but the butler usually knows who did do it. That’s what we’re about to find the truth of, right now…” supports the notion that, especially in this case, the rot started on the inside, and it’s shortly going to be revealed and confirmed, to one and all, just who owns and drives the said rot!

    • You remember the Masterpiece Theatre show Upstairs Downstairs? That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about. The people downstairs always knew what was going on.

    • No one with old money and good manners wants to associate with Trump nor his family because of his crass, brassy, belligerence. Think of the Belle Epouqe in the 1890s, when the robber barons tried to break in, and the old families were appalled by their
      lack of taste and decency.

    • The fact that Trump is shockingly stupid is bad enough. The fact that the GOP covers for him, lies for him, keeps him as their frontrunner — THAT is what’s unforgivable. One person being a wreck is one thing, but 96 million Republicans helping him with a cover up? That’s the problem. That’s what’s wrong with this country.

  3. I like that Trump can claim it was legal for him, however someone else having documents is a criminal offense. That is excellent logical thinking through the issue.

    • The part I always loved is when Trump said he could declassify documents by just thinking about it. That’s great. I wonder if he can bend spoons with his mind or any fancy stuff like that? Or just declassify documents?

  4. Another excellent read from Jack Smith.

    Honestly, every time tRump’s lackeys file a motion, it gives Smith an opportunity to respond with yet another complete recitation of the charges already spelled out in the indictment. You know, kinda “here’s yet another reminder, Dotard, just why you broke the law and why you’re guilty.” It gives a chance to those who haven’t read the indictment a catch up moment. [Notice I didn’t say ketchup or catsup…:)]. Funny thing is, this one is 79 pages and the indictment is only 45!!!

    Two key takeaways:

    1. tRump repeated most all of his bullet points in his arguments against constitutionality as he did about statutory. Smith points it out as fluff and just making more pages, and says “Nope, judge, we won’t do that, from us just the same answers & responses to their same drivel.”

    2. tRump makes claims about seven prior elections, like 1800, 1824, 1876, etc. A beautiful footnote essentially says “Nice of you to bring up all of these historical things, but none of them are comparable, none of them apply here, and you wouldn’t know history if it bit ya.”


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