Another primary up and down. Next is Super Tuesday and after that Ronna McDaniel will turn over the keys to the cash register to the two Trump family members that Donald Trump did not thank when he did his victory speech in South Carolina. This is what the GOP looks like in its death throes, folks. Trump beat Nikki Haley by over 20 points, 60% of the vote to her 39.4. That’s decisive. Haley says she’s sticking around until Super Tuesday and we hope that she does. Stick around all year in fact. But the problem is that at some point the donor money dries up and Haley is at that point.

Now what intriguingly happened here tonight, in addition to Trump’s hair looking particularly fried, dyed and laid to the side (which is how Redd Foxx used to describe the result of wrestling chemically with his kinky hair back in St. Louis) is that he reeled off the names of his beloved family but forgot the two main players who will assist him this election cycle, namely Eric and Lara Trump. He remembered Don and Kimberly, who have been forever engaged and are expected to stay that way, but not his middle son nor his middle son’s wife. Freudian slip?

If that was a Freudian slip, it was a hell of a Freudian slip. If you’ve noticed, Eric is Daddy’s spokesperson these days. Eric accompanies him to court, Eric cries on Fox News about how unfair it all is. And Lara, oh my gosh and goodness, Lara, why she’s going to be the co-chair of the RNC in the not too distant future. As soon as two weeks, perhaps. And she will control the coffers. How can he forget Eric and Lara?

We can only speculate. Maybe Trump has gotten blowback for suggesting that a relative run the RNC. And that would make a lot of sense. After all, that kind of a gesture would have been a bad idea back in a much saner day. Could you see John McCain having Meghan run the RNC coffers? And yes, Ronna McDaniel became co-chair of the RNC but that was not until 2017. It certainly didn’t happen in early 2012 when Mitt was running or that would have created quite a stir and rightfully so.

And in all fairness, the Romney family has been involved in politics for quite some time, whereas the Trumps got into politics the way they got into any other money making venture, it’s just part of the familial grift.

So who knows what happened to Trump in South Carolina on this mild winter night? Maybe the hair product is affecting his brain. Or, maybe Chris LaCivita, who Rick Wilson tells us is the brain trust of the Trump campaign, better get some superior note codes to Trump, maybe ones with pictures. Although pictures aren’t always that helpful to Donald. He did look at a picture of E. Jean Carroll once during a deposition and declare that it was his wife, Marla Maples. So pictures are no guarantee. Hit the bottom clip for a great take by Stephen Colbert.

And what is comical here is that Trump does, in fact, look down at the lectern, one presumes at notecards. So if he has to have a notecard to help him remember who’s in his family to begin with and he still blows it, what does that tell you?

And where is Melania to celebrate this victory with him? It is basically unheard of in a political wife to not be present when her husband is on the brink of getting the GOP nomination. But she’s got better things to do. Like wash her cat. Anything but be with Donald.

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    • And Boris. Or maybe Vlad. Or asking Smirking on whether she should board a plane now and not wait till the prenup.lets her dump Donnie’s ever expanding butt.

  1. What Eric’s the Dumb and his good wife Maid Moron of the Screech, Cantaloupe Caligula’s least favorite spawn, (Tiffany the Dull and Lurch the Lanky don’t count, as they are not pawns in this particular scheme), don’t realize is they are being set up as the fall guys for when His Monstrosity gets his sorry ass handed to him in November…..

    ……cause we all know, Donald of the Depends is always above all fault or blame…..ALWAYS.



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