Two clips here, for your consideration. The first is four frames of what is purportedly Trump’s arm, and a zoomed video, which shows Trump moving his arm over someone’s shoulder, at the very least.

Underneath that is a video of the van, with a lot of movement inside, just sitting there. What’s that old expression? “If this thing’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin.” Why would the van just be sitting there?

Take a look. You decide.

This is shadowy, but you do see a blog with a shirt cuff reaching towards the front seat. Watch:

Bear in mind, we’re all used to watching movies and documentaries, so this isn’t our usual fare. You may have to watch it a few times.

Now take a look at the van just sitting there. it had to sit there for some reason, right? Interestingly, around :33, one of the Secret Service men goes over to the van. He must have seen or sensed something amiss.

And then another Secret Service man came over. Something was going on. You may depend upon it that something out of the ordinary was going on. And why is that? Because it’s an absolute axiom of how the Secret Service operates that they do not want the president of the United States outside any longer than he absolutely has to be. These men and women of the Secret Service move people and locales with an efficiency that would make the best Broadway or London stage crews blush with envy. PoliticusUSA:

If anyone has watched the Secret Service handle the president when out in the general public, whether outdoors, or inside at an event, the president is in constant motion. The Secret Service does not like the president standing or sitting in any one place for long. Security dictates the long motorcade that never stops for lights or traffic. A stationary president in an unsecured environment is one that is more vulnerable.

And that makes the video more intriguing than all the videos with near “pretend” pictures of people making up what they see being done by a dark shadow as president. The video below shows Trump enter the presidential Suburban and then… wait. It waits over two minutes, and in those two minutes Trump does seem to be adamant and angry about something but that could be due to a Diet Coke served incorrectly. The intriguing thing is that it does appear as though the Suburban’s occupants don’t exactly know where to go, which is what one would expect if Trump was demanding to go to the Capitol but the agents insist this is not possible.

Based on this video, the vehicle sits stationary much longer than one would expect in any normal situation. In that respect and only in that respect, it strengthens Hutchinson’s testimony. It does not confirm anything.

Lastly, let me say that I just love it that the TV game show host is going off his rocker because he’s not allowed to to go the Capitol and wreak havoc, while a gay pick up song from the 80’s blares. Simply incredible. As always, you cannot make this up.


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  1. I’m wondering if there are ways the experts who know photos/videos have of using various filters to clear up images behind tinted glass. Because it sure as hell would be interesting if they did. And if so, then create a frame-by-frame showing at say one frame every second or two so that people can see what actually transpired for themselves. Whether or not Trump managed to actually grab the wheel doesn’t matter to me as much as him truly trying to do so. Same with him attempting to choke the driver. Let’s face it. Trump’s out of shape ass and tiny hands would be easily swatted away by a Secret Service agent. But if he was in one of his rages it’s possible he could cause an accident so it makes sense they’d hang around and try to settle him down so they could safely drive him back over the road to the safety of the WH. Knowing there were armed people (including some with assault weapons) roaming around had to have made them kick into high protection mode.

    And again I say I can’t help but wonder just how much the Committee knew about this prior to the emergency hearing. I’ve speculated elsewhere that given how predictable Trump and those around him are, that he/they would lash out at Ms. Hutchinson the Committee decided to let him, Faux Nooz and others go way the hell out on a limb and are prepared with a big ole chain saw to cut it off with them standing out there. We’ll see later this month. I think.

    It’s already being pointed out this was pretty widely known in the Secret Service and who knows how many other staffers besides Hutchinson at the WH. We’ll see what happens if push comes to shove and Engels and Ornato in particular are put under oath. I suspect it’s starting to sink in that there’s a shitload of corroboration of Hutchinson’s testimony about the SUV incident, and now we see there is video evidence that at the very least suggests it’s much as she testified they told her.

    It puts them in an interesting position because if they are sworn in and tell a different story then the hearsay rule goes out the window in any criminal case. ANYONE who can testify that they told a different story prior to testifying under oath can be called to impeach their testimony and I’m pretty sure that’s a pretty good list of credible people.

    • Tony Ornato has been discredited by a number of people in the past for other things, among them Alyssa Farah and Olivia Troye. He’s not exactly your idea of an unimpeachable witness. I think there’s going to be a separate to-do in the Secret Service over this mess. Just an instinct, but I’m watching all the news stories.

      • Hutchinson is CLEARLY full of SHIT ! Her overuse of the prephrase
        ” something to the effect of…” before the remainder of whatever ‘ hearsay propagandic bullshit’ she weakly regurgitates is more than a dead giveaway to telling evidence that she has been cautiously ‘coached’ in her choice of words so as not to perjure herself during live TV coverage of this multi- million taxdollar, designed purely for distraction, soap opera shitshow! 😂🤥🤣 ( That BY THE WAY…almost NOBODY is watching according to ratings!!🙄) And what’s with ole Liz (RINO) Chaney chumming up to lil Ms. Hutchinstooge with a nice warm friendly ( Auntie Liz) hug and supportive cheek peck ? ‘Committe 🙄 Members’
        aren’t supposed to coddle witnesses!! Couldn’t be more flagrantly evident if they held her hand and whispered the next lie🤥 in her ear right on the set! What a nice compelling made for TV drama for all the gullible ‘ Never Trumpers’ to occupy their time and attention on while biden and his far-left minions unrelentingly proceed to systematically weaken and destroy America with their ‘open borders’ , historically astronomical gas prices, record inflation, and terrifyingly weak and dangerous ‘ foreign affairs policies!
        All this in addition to the now undeniable fact that he was globalist installed through a rigged and fraudulent election takeover with tons and tons of yet ‘ unadmitted’ ( not to be confused with ‘ unadmissable’) evidence! … absolutely the biggest scandal of our lifetimes and of a faction that directly and deeply affects every American citizen to the core but amazingly no one wants to investigate that ! 🤨 What an unbelievable ridiculous ‘ hate’ dwells in the hearts and minds of media indoctrinated libs and dems who have taken the hyped-up
        ” Trump is Bad Man” image as truth! Cheering on the demise of actual constitutional freedoms and rights by supporting the to date app. 6 yr long chronic onslaught by the very same old ” Usual Suspect ” fake drama perpetrators. The real sad thing is , with the intentional wreck that’s being made of everything that makes America what it is, I shudder to imagine ANY possible person Other than Donald J. Trump being capable of the insurmountable
        task of correcting and restoring all the damage we will have incurred… IF we survive this leftist/ globalist reign of total FINANCIAL SODOMY !!

        • If she is so full of shit, why is it SS folks are coming out of the woodwork to corroborate her story? Now there is video. Can’t wait to see the spin the RWNJ’s create for this one.

          Odd you would think diaper don could do anything about the economy given A) inflation is the logical result of a global crisis (most people with sense consider a global pandemic to be such a crisis) and B) the American economy was showing signs of descending into recession in 2019 after being at the helm for a couple of years. Wonderful policies like tariffs, welfare for the wealthy (tax cuts), etc. DO result in harm to a country’s economy. We CAN blame a few people for that setup. Diaper Don comes quickly to mind along with a ‘pube congress.

          If you had the sense given your average goose, you’d realize things such as high petrol prices are logical after the oil companies, refineries, and oil producing countries cut back on production because, if you recall, prices per barrel of oil got so low it cost more to provide oil than folks received for that oil, until of course very quickly folks wanted oil, petrol…. When everyone started going back to work at the workplace, started traveling for vacations, and started producing products (takes things like OIL dumbass) this resulted in oil prices skyrocketing because there was less available–remember now, production tanked when it wasn’t profitable to provide it because no one was using it–and skyrocketing oil prices mean higher energy and petrol prices. These things going on around the world WILL cause global inflation problems. Add to this supply lines, having been disrupted for a couple of years, now are being tasked with providing everything everyone wants right now (I hope even you can see the hopelessness of that), global inflation is a GIVEN.

          Global inflation cannot be blamed on one person. We cannot blame diaper don, President Biden, or even pootie pie. More to the point, one person cannot fix this. The planet will eventually get back to normal…until the next global catastrophe.

          The smart money would get everything possible OFF of fossil fuels since that source of energy is unstable at BEST. Doing this would at least mean reductions in fossil fuel productions would have little to no effect on the global economy. Allowing fossil fuel companies to have a country by the short hairs, to price gouge the country after a catastrophe is asinine. We do not allow this after hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc. Why in the f*ck are they allowed to do so now? The fact they ARE price gouging is why the country needs to tax the f*ckers out of f*cking business quite frankly. A nice “price gouging tax” is called for now.

          The smart money would be to get away from Just in Time inventory systems. This is why there are no reserves businesses/manufacturers/etc. can use to produce products and there will be none until the supply line problems are no more. Because there are product shortages prices go up and we have….wait for it…inflation.

          I do not know why you have never even had the most basic course in Micro Economics but it is obvious you haven’t. Had you taken a H.S. Consumer Education course (or paid attention if you had) these concepts would be available for you to use in our current economic situation.

          One other thing: the trust-fund baby diaper don managed ONLY to bankrupt businesses. Mitt Romney was spot on when he told folks that bankrupting businesses does not make one a businessman. Were it not for diaper’s father bailing him out after every business failure he’d be walking the streets behind a shopping cart (and our country would be better for it). How you figure this is the person who can fix anything is stunning but that you think can fix the economy makes me wonder if you need to be taken off the streets before you hurt yourself.

  2. He’s probably just reaching up front to get the Adderall that the Secret service crushed for him to snort.. See.. A simple answer, but people jump to the conspiracy theories! MAGA! 😉

  3. Where’s that “yet unadmitted” evidence of yours? Why is it so hard for republicans to find?
    They’ve done tons of investigating. We’re spending millions on it in Wisconsin with an udderly biased extreme right judge leading the charge. All he can come up with is some bellyaching about funding.
    You should really take off the tin foil hat and join us in reality, or go commit yourself. Seems the right wing extremists propaganda has really gotten to you. It’s really pretty easy, just look at facts instead of conspiracy theories, seems like either way you’ll be disappointed. It is hard to fathom why you’re so disappointed that democracy works, sure your guy lost, but at least democracy is intact. You’d rather go on believing made up evidence that your country has failed. How very patriotic of you.
    Inflation is a result of things that happened while trump was president. If only he had been capable of thinking ahead he could have preemptively enacted policy that would have helped us. He could have done it, democrats don’t obstruct policies that are actually good for the country the way Republicans do.
    Biden did not disrupt the supply chain.

  4. Let’s watch the magats and RWNJ’s rationalize this one away.

    Of course, if someone really wanted to run with this they’d make sure everyone knew diapers is so weak he couldn’t reach/grab a steering wheel. I expect the reason he could not do anything about that guy’s neck was because of the hand size thing. And if he had any stamina, strength, balls, he’d have just walked to the capital building., you know, with all those folks who love him so much.

    • The reason tRump didn’t walk with the “gang” is the same reason he is reaching to the steering wheel: His gravity-defying fat backside held him back — he was grabbing at things to pull himself up there to demand being driven there for a photo op, doubtless, carrying a hotel Bible with him.

  5. With no Law tradition agencys,. A force of nature like a tsunami that knows they are the protectors of one nation,. Under God, indivisable ONE NATION for the Republic for which it stands!
    Wrap your head around that. The talk of defunding,. And high powered negative rhetoric about the FBI is a wake up call that Chump nation wants to erase and rewrite the pillars of our blinding solitary light of justice and democracy. That shines on all AMERICANS. Without the FBI,. Delivering swift justice, to all demonic forces at work even as we speak. The tinderbox that is social media that can make or break entire civilizations is one foul tweet away from starting a race war the likes of which has never been seen. A stern moderator pleading for eminence before you type your sermon, rant,. truth, lie, Or REQUEST is what this internets power is.

  6. Hell, after all that I was waiting for something interesting like butt cheeks in the window. Geez, he probably did reach for the steering wheel. Things that no matter what Trump says, in that situation they let the clown go to the capital them boys are going to jail. So Trump ain’t going anywhere near the capital. The secret service people just don’t get fired. Many end up in prison so they dam well know to keep their mouths shut.


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