Shakespeare said, “The Devil can cite scripture for his purpose,” and that is what we saw Friday night when Donald Trump addressed the Pray Vote Stand Summit, which is running this entire weekend in Washington, D.C. Michelle Bachmann, Josh Hawley, Mike Pence, all the faux Christians you would ever want to know are under this tent. And of course they had to kick it off with Trump and he assured them all that he was fighting Satan — and the commies and the Marx Brothers and who knows who else. But all of them are out to get you, so send Donald Trump your money, or don’t blame him when you get a pitchfork in the ass.

And he’s fighting the atheists, too, because he is such a man of God. And he’s protecting the people “in the room” from demonic forces. Through supernatural gifts, we have no doubt. This is the preamble to mixing the kool-aide. Go read Jim Jones’ comments in his last days before Jonestown erupted, you’ll see parallels.

Trump is such a deranged narcissist that the day could come when he would ask MAGA to drink kool-aide. This has been evident since the beginning. He already asked them to show up in Washington, D.C. on January 6, he’s capable of anything. We already know that. That said, Trump has gaslighted the evangelicals into believing he is devoted to God. This is from a 2020 piece in Christianity Today:

Tthe church and has called himself Presbyterian numerous times over the years. But no more.

“I now consider myself to be a non-demoninational Christian,” rump told Religion News Service last week in a written interview mediated by spiritual advisor Paula White-Cain that he doesn’t consider himself to be Presbyterian. He was confirmed in -denominational Christian,” Trump said in the statement. “Melania and I have gotten to visit some amazing churches and meet with great faith leaders from around the world. During the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, I tuned into several virtual church services and know that millions of Americans did the same.”

While the mainline denomination has previously challenged Trump’s affiliation, his recent departure seems to be the result of the president slowly moving away from his childhood church and toward a more evangelical faith.

Trump was not a regular churchgoer before he was elected president. He attended Norman Vincent Peale’s church for a while and praises Peale’s book The Power of Positive Thinking. He has also attended Episcopal churches for several Christmas and Easter services. In 2016, he was described by one prominent evangelical supporter as a “baby Christian.”

Let me put the “baby Christian” bullshit to rest. David Barton, who makes up historical conspiracy theories and runs a school in Texas, realized Ted Cruz was not going to get the nomination. He did some fancy footwork, and fast. He contacted the virulently anti-gay and Mike Pence bestie, James Dobson. Dobson is quite a piece of work. He blamed the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary on same-sex marriage, and has also gone on record as stating that same-sex marriage could lead the U.S. into another civil war. A real thinker. Dobson met with Trump in the summer of 2016 and the myth of Trump being “a born again Christian” was hatched. Not everybody bought it, but apparently enough people did.

Most Americans don’t think Trump has strong religious beliefs, according to the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute poll. Roughly 40 percent say the president “is mostly using religion for political purposes.” White evangelicals who vote Republican see things differently: Fifty-nine percent say Trump has strong religious beliefs.

If Trump’s a man of God, I’m Miss Teenage America. And the Christianity Today article went on to compare Trump to Dwight Eisenhower, try not to gag, insofar as Eisenhower “changed denominations” in the White House. If Ike did it, it probably had some measure of sincerity to it, but anything Trump does is transactional and pragmatic, whether it’s a marriage or a stance on abortion, foreign policy, you name it. The man is feckless, he has no real character.

But none of that stopped him for getting up last night and proclaiming that he was able to fight demonic forces and was actively engaged in same. If religious people believe this, then they are woefully naive if not downright stupid.


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  1. They are woefully naive and incredibly stupid. They also willfully ignore the gospels. John 8:42-47 clearly lays out who the devil is…a murderer and liar. Let’s see…their false idol has provably lied tens of thousands of times. It would be less math to track the times he’s accidentally told the truth. Phuck these blasphemous pissants!!!

    • I have to agree, the biggest pushes for, “donations”, comes from huge groups of people, blinded by arm-waving, bible waving hucksters, that have an uncanny ability to gather so many cattle into the same corral … taking advantage of their, “firm belief” in the words told to them in an animated speech, OH, WAIT,

      Trump is exactly like that himself, animated techniques to grab hold of his MAGATS, lies everywhere, designed to lasso the red hatted mass into the corral for abuse and rhetoric that has worn so thin, it has become blatantly transparent, but, of course, these wasted soles are always looking for more verbal massage from the biggest lie generator in the world …
      Trump has just reached the point of no return … it’s my thought that he has just pulled out and thrown away the pin on the handle of the Trump grenade … to save face, the Republicans will need some super good ads and explanations to why they are dumping Trump … However, since they don’t have a solid platform or even a solid Republican candidate that shines even more than Trump, the GOP may just dissolve, whenever Trump chooses to let that grenade go off, the Republicans HAVE NOTHING LEFT !!

      The States may start dumping out the Republicans put in office with huge amounts of farce and money that fought out the Democrats in office …

      Iowa went blazing red over the last two years, most of our problems stem from a Governor’s choices and miss-guided future … We have to hope for landslide votes for every democrat running and ejection/rejection of all the bad apples … the unity of the crowd at the Iowa/Iowa State game impressed me, that in booing Trump and giving him the one finger salute on both hands, there is still hope from our younger people, with actual brains …

  2. Trump is grifting again. Most white evangelical Christians live in a bubble. That makes them.easy to con.As I recall the deepest circle of he’ll was for betrayed a in Dante’s Inferno.He will be in fine company.

  3. Spoiler alert on Trump. All you have to do is watch him pray in a group setting. He’s constantly looking around to see who’s watching the proceedings. Gotta make sure he has an audience. And anyone who holds a Bible upside down and backwards ain’t to worried about what’s in that book. If you remember the time they tear gassed peaceful protesters so that Trump could have a photo op. And speaking of photos. It just crossed my mind that the Sheriff In Fulton County will have his people contact Donnie’s people about their share on that certain photo. He feels he could do some repairs and maybe build a new and improved jail.


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